August 3 and August 4, 2022 – TLC Times

By August 6, 2022 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Musicals

We had another amazing senior receive her whitecap on Wednesday at lunch! Sloane F. was showered with cheers and love from all her Tripp Lake sisters as the swim staff serenaded her. It was an emotional moment for another camper who has worked so hard to reach her goals in the magnificent waters of Tripp Lake. Another highlight of Wednesday was the junior performance of their age group show: The Jungle Book. It was wonderful to see how excited the entire camp was heading into OTW to watch this amazing rendition of such a fun and engaging musical. Each JR showed up prepared and ready to shine. It was such a huge accomplishment for our youngest campers who have spent countless hours learning lines, practicing songs and dances, and perfecting costumes and sets. It came together beautifully and we’re incredibly proud of them and the entire theater staff. They really showed us what the bare necessities of life are all about!

Tripp Lake Ropes CourseThursday was one of the longest and most memorable days of the summer. A number of campers braved the 6 AM swim across the lake! There are several special events and activities that allow our campers to push themselves physically and mentally but this swim may take the cake. Being that it was one of our hottest day of the summer, the campers had no issue jumping in the water bright and early! With our lifeguard staff kayaking and boating alongside them to maintain safety, every swimmer met the challenge with smiles and enthusiasm! Each camper who completed the swim received a special ribbon as well. If you haven’t checked out the video on Instagram that our head of waterski, Esteban, put together, we highly recommend it!

Tripp Lake LacrosseDuring daily activity periods, the girls have continued collecting points with many big and little team games taking place each day. The AJs had a chance to experience the ropes course which was met with excitement from everyone, and all the dance enthusiasts at TLC auditioned for the upcoming dance show which will take place on Saturday night.

Tripp Lake DanceThe most important and probably most significant event at Tripp took place Thursday night: Sing Song. Sing Song has been a tradition since the beginning of Tripp’s existence, and it’s often the event that alumnae remember most vividly. During sing song, the four big teams compete against each other in what can be described as an A Capella singing competition. It’s unlike anything you’ll ever experience at a summer camp, and it’s one of the many events that sets Tripp Lake apart from other camps of its kind.

Tripp Lake Sing SongDuring Sing song each team takes turns singing four songs all together in unison, focusing on melodies, harmonies, performance and a number of other aspects. Once all the teams have gone, the judges score each song which eventually culminates in winner of the entire competition. The Cubs were this year’s Sing Song winners! All their hard work and preparation truly paid off. Ultimately it’s not about who wins, it’s about the experience that all of the girls share as a team from the JRs all the way to the
SRs. Each team performed beautifully and we were moved by their beautiful renditions of old camp songs and newly written ones. All the campers looked so sweet in their whites with their team ties and hair braided with ribbons. If there was ever a night to capture the essence of Tripp Lake, this was it. The entire event was incredibly emotional for all of our SRs who have been cherishing this night every summer since they’ve been a camper at Tripp Lake. We’re especially proud of the Sing Song leaders and SR Is for all their hard work in leading the campers and putting together an incredible night for all.


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