Week 5, 2023 – TLC Times

By July 28, 2023 TLC Times

Thank you again to all the families that joined us in the Promised land for Visiting Day! Nothing can describe the excitement and anticipation that filled camp as our girls awaited our first Visiting Day since 2019. Seeing their joy as they shared this beautiful place with pride to their loved ones made the day feel so special. We were grateful for long-awaited opportunities to reconnect and share our beautiful home. Senior I Bar Harbor

The night ended with almost as much excitement as staff ran around campus in our “Snake dance” to reveal the staff for long trips. Keeping energy high, and keeping the counselors running, Hunt the counselor pulled campers right back into the thrill of camp as we watched pairs of campers fill the hill and beyond in matching team clothes. During this favorite staff tradition, the athleticism of campers challenged the staff as they ran to tag and turn in the counselors. If you’re wondering who succeeded in never being found, or what the best hiding spots were, so are we. Our top hiders protected their secret spots very seriously and were extra careful to sneak out at the end of the event to hear the results. SR 2 Quebec

There was only a short period of time for the Cubs to celebrate their victory in Hunt the Counselor before the packing began and girls were off for long trips. Inter Is headed to Camden, ME, Senior 1s to Bar Harbor, and Senior 2s to Quebec. To many, it seemed like the Seniors were just storming the dining hall chanting “We’re going to Quebec! We’re going to Quebec!” and now they really were on their way. With trips in full swing, little teams ruled the camp and jumped into Junior Special day, Jocko’s Jamboree, and a special surprise movie trip. As our first round of long trips returned, Inter IIs and IIIs left for their adventures. Inter IIs headed to their white-water rafting trip while the Inter IIIs traveled to their canoe trips.

Counselors and campers alike returned with memories and stories from their adventures they will remember forever. While 1AB explored the largest water park in Canada and did a ghost tour, Senior 1s and Inter Is enjoyed kayaking tours and boat rides. Little teams cherished their part in camp traditions and loved showing their team spirit. Jockos Jamboree

 Just when you think there couldn’t possibly be more events happening, we are kicking off mini-camps for field hockey, soccer, and lacrosse and we are approaching some of our biggest events of the summer! The energy in camp is only growing and we love that we get to enjoy every moment of it alongside the girls. There is so much to celebrate in the hard work they put into events like sing song, team feast, and banquet. We can’t wait to take in every moment and enjoy the upcoming events.

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