Camper FAQs

We know you have lots of questions about what to do or what to bring to camp. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions we get at Tripp Lake:

What is a “Big Sister” and when do I find out who they are?

In April, each new camper is contacted by two “Big Sisters.” Your Big Sisters will help you learn more about camp and answer any questions you might have. As a “Little Sister,” you will have made new friends before you even arrive at camp.

Who will I sit with on the plane or bus?

A Tripp Lake counselor on your chaperoned flight and bus ride will make sure you are sitting with another camper all the way to camp.

What sports equipment should I bring?

You should bring your own tennis racquet, softball glove, cleats, mouth guards, shin guards, field hockey and lacrosse goggles. All the equipment is listed in the uniform catalog that is sent to you in early January.

Will I be in a bunk with someone I already know?

One of the nice aspects of the camp adventure is meeting a whole new group of friends. At Tripp Lake we encourage campers to get to know as many girls as possible. Our bunk size gives everyone a chance to create a lifetime of fun memories with new friends. If you already know someone in your age group, that’s great, because you can introduce each other to the girls in your bunk.

What are the four Big Teams?

The Climbers, Cubs, Giants and Tigers.

What are the four Little Teams?

The Cheeries, Jollies, Laughers and Smilies

What is OG-NOG?

OG-NOG is our camper talent show and stands for “Old Girls-New Old Girls.” As a new camper you become part of the Tripp Lake Family as soon as you arrive.

What is the TLC Times?

The TLC Times is our weekly newspaper that is written by campers. It is a great way to share your creative side or report on a camp event as a journalist. The TLC Times is published every Sunday.

How do I receive mail from my parents, grandparents and my friends?

You will have your own mailbox that you check everyday at 12:30pm. Check it even on Sundays when the TLC Times will be delivered to your mailbox. Emails will be delivered to your bunk everyday!

What is a PJ Breakfast?

PJ Breakfasts are a surprise until the night before! It is a sleep-late-morning where you eat breakfast in your pajamas instead of your camp uniform. We have a fun selection of foods complete with Dunkin Donuts, bagels and hot chocolate.

What does it mean when my new best friend says, “Meet me under the trees?”

Under the trees is a great place to sit and relax with friends in big green Adirondack chairs. You’ll have the best view of camp and everyone passes by to say hello.

What is Team Feast?

Team Feast is the most secret event of the summer. The Big Teams have a celebration to honor the captains of each team. Team Feast is organized by the oldest campers and everyone participates in the event.

"My big sisters made me feel at home right away and helped teach me the traditions of camp. They came and said goodnight to me every night in my bunk. I can’t wait to be a big sister myself and make someone else feel this way."


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