Age Groups & Bunks

Bunkline & Assembly
Age Group
For Campers Entering
Junior I's
2nd and 3rd grades in the fall
Junior II's
4th grade in the fall
Advanced Juniors (AJ’s)
5th grade in the fall
Sub Intermediate (Subs)
6th grade in the fall
Inter III’s
7th grade in the fall
Inter II’s
8th grade in the fall
Inter I’s
9th grade in the fall
Senior I’s
10th grade in the fall
Senior II’s
11th grade in the fall

"Alexandra said that the candles on the lake during Wish Night truly represented the Tripp Lake story. They started out far apart, each shining brightly individually on the water, and then they got closer and closer until they were together as one light in the end. She felt that this represented the girls and the camp as they grew close together over the years: Each camper still being an individual but coming together in a group over the years so that the light they give off is bright, cohesive and beautiful."


Tripp Lake Camp is divided into seven age groups according to camper grade level. Each age group has an Advisor and Assistant Advisor. These age group leaders supervise campers from the time they wake up in the morning until they go to bed at night. Advisors take attendance and observe camper participation at every activity. They make sure their age group has a diverse schedule. Advisors provide support to bunk counselors, activity counselors and campers alike.

Girls want to return to Tripp Lake every summer. It is a testament to the friendships, fun and traditions of Tripp Lake that it has over sixty-five campers that are 15 and 16 years old. At 16 our campers are full time campers, not CIT’s or Junior Counselors. Camp offers our older campers a safe and nurturing place to develop their leadership, team building and organizational skills – all while having the time of their life! They accept responsibilities and challenges that they would not be able to get elsewhere. They are role models and leaders for all of our campers. They love Tripp Lake and want our new and returning campers to enjoy camp as much as they do.

A bunk provides a home and family for girls during the summer.


Our cozy bunks house approximately 6 campers. Since 1911, our bunks have been located together in one area called the “Campus.” All of our bunks form a large circle from the youngest campers to the oldest. This layout encourages interaction across all age groups throughout the day. It creates a close bonding experience for our campers. Their sisters, their cousins, their “Big Sisters” and “Little Sisters” and their best friends are housed in the same circle which fosters a culture of togetherness.

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Age Groups & Bunks
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