It is a great source of pride at Tripp Lake that our campers want to return year after year, and, in particular, that we have so many 15 and 16 year old campers who cannot imagine wanting to spend their summers anywhere other than their home away from home. The devotion of Tripp Lakers to each other and their passion for camp is indicative of the sheer fun and friendships that accompany a summer at Tripp Lake. It is also a tribute to the opportunities, philosophy and traditions of TLC. There are several distinct features and advantages that contribute to the Tripp Lake experience.

"Twenty five or so years ago my daughter Amanda attended Tripp Lake and now her daughter. This past weekend I experienced the sense of growth, freedom, happiness, confidence and mutual respect between campers. I saw the happiness in my granddaughter’s eyes, her proud sense of belonging, her friends and a camp so well run that can only reflect a true sense of understanding by management. This is her first year and it seemed that it was her 10th. She was made to be a part of a larger family which she now readily fits into. The facilities reflect an investment in a long culture... nothing is in disrepair, all seems new. The activities fit the campers’ desires....We saw young adults moving from activity to activity without being told by counselors. They had the responsibility put on them and they knew what to do. That’s reflective of growth and respect.

I am not one to write letters like this often. But, this is deserved. I take my hat off (if I wore one) to all responsible for what you have created. Next year Katie’s sister Justine will join her and I am confident that the right decision has been made by her parents to engage them in the Tripp tradition. Camps are not new to us so we do have a basis for comparison. Again thanks allowing my granddaughter to grow and be happy."


The integration of younger and older campers is an integral part of Tripp Lake’s culture. Every camper has been either a Little Sister or Big Sister in our program. Being a mentor to another camper is an important responsibility each camper takes on. Our older campers are wonderful role models, and younger campers look up to them for their guidance, enthusiasm, spirit and love for camp. Whether giving a hug, cheering at a team game, holding a hand or listening to a favorite story under the trees, our older campers are a shining example of what is so special about Tripp Lake Camp. And, in turn, our younger campers strive to demonstrate similar enthusiasm and kindness toward each other.

Tripp Lake’s diverse program offers challenges to every age from 7 to 16. New campers are exposed to a wide range of activities led by counselors who help to instill in them a belief in their ability to succeed. As they get older, campers have opportunities to try new pursuits and to master skills. Age groups and individuals also are given leadership roles as they grow with our program. Thus different age groups are responsible for organizing certain camp activities such as our July 4th ceremony or Wish Night. By the time campers are in the oldest age group, they are the leaders of camp – a role they embrace, and for which they are prepared.

Have a picture-perfect summer.

Campers recognize and are proud of the growth they achieve at camp (as are their parents!). At Tripp Lake we partner with parents to reinforce the values taught at home. Helping children to respect themselves and others, make ethical choices and support each other is at the center of what we do. The ability of children to follow these precepts over the course of a full summer when they are “on their own” and to practice them every day while playing team games, interacting and living with others allows these lessons to be ingrained in a way that is difficult to replicate.

Being away for a full summer also provides a rare opportunity to develop self-reliance and independence. TLC campers have a real sense that Tripp Lake is their second home. Our seven-week season allows relationships to develop naturally over time and fosters an unhurried approach to skill development that promotes deeper learning and infuses confidence. Living with her “camp sisters” for a seven-week season, a girl learns about the give-and-take of making decisions and working within a tight-knit group. In a time when resilience is such an important trait, a seven-week season allows a girl to deal with the normal ebb and flow of daily life and, at the end, feel a profound sense of accomplishment both in her relationships and in her skill development.

Many a TLC camper has expressed the view that camp is the place where she can most “be herself.” As an all-girls camp, Tripp Lake enables our campers to focus on their own interests and both try and excel at activities unhindered by the social pressures of a co-ed environment. Parents also send their children to Tripp Lake from all over the United States (and beyond). The blending of diverse geographical backgrounds helps TLC campers feel at home.

Our attention to detail promotes a safe and healthy environment, both physically and emotionally. With a 3-to-1 ratio of campers to counselors, an experienced staff dedicated to the development of each camper, and expansive and immaculate facilities, we provide ample opportunity for individualized attention.

Join us for the best seven weeks of the year!

Finally, we are fortunate to be located in the great state of Maine, with its scenic mountains, extensive coastline and pristine lakes and rivers. TLC campers not only live among Maine’s majestic beauty at camp, but they get to explore what Maine has to offer on day trips every Tuesday and, for older campers, long trips in the middle of the summer. Whether through canoeing, whitewater rafting, mountain hikes or pitching a tent, campers develop an appreciation of nature, an understanding of their own substantial capabilities, and timeless bonds with friends.

Campers come back year after year to enjoy all that Tripp Lake Camp has to offer: the beauty of our natural surroundings, the friendships that are developed throughout the summer, the fun activities and even the challenging ones. They all add up to a great time, again and again, at Tripp Lake!

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