Big & Little Teams

Big & Little Teams

There are four Big Teams at Tripp Lake – the Climbers, Cubs, Giants and Tigers. Every camper is a member of a Big Team for the entire summer. Our younger campers (Juniors, AJ’s and Subs) are also members of a Little Team. The Little Teams are the Cheeries, Jollies, Laughers and Smilies.

Campers enjoy the spirit and camaraderie of their peers as part of a Big and Little Team. Team participation helps campers develop interpersonal and leadership skills that are important as they grow and mature. Team events and activities involve many aspects of camp including team sports, swim meets, Sing Song, tennis, canoeing, sailing and horseback riding. Campers identify with a team, its senior leaders and its mascot as well as its colors. Every camper has wonderful skills, spirit and characteristics that will benefit each team. Campers support and represent their team as an individual and as a group participant.

Little Team sports are played with campers in their own age group. Campers will gain experience in athletics, but more importantly they will create lasting friendships with girls their age.

Big Teams

All campers are on one of the four big teams


Mascot: Monk

Colors: Red and Blue


Mascot: Ted

Colors: Red & White


Mascot: Sailor Joe

Colors: Blue & White


Mascot: Woody

Colors: Black & Orange

Little Teams

Juniors, AJ’s and Subs are on one of the four Little Teams. These age groups are also on one of the four Big Teams.


Mascot: Kermit the Frog

Color: Light Green


Mascot: Cookie Monster

Color: Light Blue


Mascot: Tweety Bird

Color: Yellow


Mascot: Piglet

Color: Light Pink

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