Parents and guardians can rest assured their daughters will enjoy an amazing camp experience at Tripp Lake Camp. We understand you may have lots of questions for us. We are happy to speak with you at any time, but here are frequently asked questions and answers about life at Tripp Lake Camp.


How often can we call camp to find out how our daughter is doing?

You may call Leslie as often as you wish. She is your eyes and ears.

How often do the girls shower?

Campers shower daily.

How cold is it at night?

Most nights the temperature is around 70 degrees. Three blankets and a pair of flannel PJ’s keep most campers snuggly even on the coldest nights.

How often is laundry done? What is the procedure?

Laundry is done once a week at camp. The laundry is picked up and delivered back to the bunk at rest hour the next day.

How will I know what to pack for my daughter?

We will send you a complete packing list with everything she’ll need. If you have any questions please call our office at 914-273-4065 or, after June 1, at 207-998-4347.

How often do the girls have to write home?

Campers write home twice a week. Letter writing days are Monday and Thursday.

When do the girls find out what Big and Little Team they are on?

Big Teams are announced on the 4th day of camp; Little Teams are announced during the first week of camp.

Do the girls unpack their own belongings and put them away?

The bunk counselors unpack for campers 13 years old and younger before they arrive. Older girls unpack their own duffels and organize their own cubbies.

Who makes the campers’ beds?

Every camper makes her own bed every day.

How many girls are typically in a bunk and an age group?

Bunk size is on average 6, with approximately 40-50 girls in each age group.

Who escorts the girls to activities?

Each age group has its own Advisor who is responsible for the well-being of her girls. She and her assistant escort the girls to their activities and take attendance every period.

How do the girls learn about their daily schedule?

Each age group Advisor gives new campers a tour of camp and shows the girls how to read the daily schedule. The daily schedule is posted in each bunk and in several places around camp.

What about homesickness?

You and your daughter will no doubt miss one another. It’s normal. We talk about feelings at camp, and we send parents lots of information about this in Bulletin #5. Keep emphasizing your confidence in your daughter and that she and TLC are a “great fit.” New campers have Big Sisters, advisors and counselors intent on ensuring that they have a smooth transition to camp, and typically adjust quickly as they get involved with camp activities and new friendships.

How are medications handled at camp?

Medications are packaged by a company for each individual camper and sent directly to us at the beginning of the summer. Medications are kept in the Health Center. No medications will be kept in the bunk. In addition, we stock a wide range of over-the-counter medications. See Bulletins #3 and #5 for details. For easy access, these may be found on our website.

Where is the nearest hospital?

Central Maine Medical Center is 20 minutes away in Lewiston. We have a physician and four nurses in residence at our Health Center.

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