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By July 13, 2023 TLC Times
Tripp lake seniors

To understand the Tripp Lake experience is to understand that Spirit is at the heart of everything our campers do. Week 2 is where the girls really start to feel comfortable and settled in the camp routine, and this is where their spirit takes on a life of its own. It’s part of that intangible thing we like to call “camp magic”.  The spirit of Tripp is led by our oldest campers (Seniors) who always set the tone for each day with their chants and cheering throughout morning assembly and everywhere in between. In the words of 1AB, “Spirit takes on many forms at Tripp, and we’ve seen it in action by campers and staff. Spirit can be shown by cheering on friends and celebrating events at camp. From the time the campers wake up to the time they go to bed, spirit at Tripp never lacks.”Tripp lake lacrosse

The seniors aren’t the only ones leading the spirit at Tripp though. The oldest of the “Little Teams” are called Subs and they’ve had the opportunity this summer to show up as leaders for all the JRs and AJs. Sub summer is where our campers begin their journey as leaders of camp as they take on the very important role of cheerleaders for their teams. They lead and pass on cheers within camp and radiate spirit across all the age groups. Even 1AB shared that “As the oldest campers, it has been so impactful for us to see younger kids have passion and pride for their teams.” Sub Sadie H. shared that, “Being a sub on the little teams makes you a leader because you get to know younger campers and teach them about camp.” Tripp lake 4th

There have been endless fun events and activities throughout the start of camp, and specifically Week 2, that have allowed our campers to really come alive and shine as their best selves. From daily cheers in the dining hall at meals to the seniors dazzling camp with their “All Star Review”, we’ve been lucky to see so much camp spirit in action. Big and Little team games are in full force! There’s something about seeing our girls competing in crazy outfits and costumes that just sparks joy.

Tripp lake jrs and srsThe campers displayed all their incredible talents in our annual OG-NOG camper talent show, and the JRs and SRs paired up for the wonderful tradition that has become JR/SR bingo. Our Inter Is planned and executed an inspiring 4th of July ceremony where they shared the history of Tripp while our youngest two campers raised the American flag. On the same day, we had our first big team swim meet followed by the OC-NOC staff talent show and fireworks over the lake! There have been so many incredible memories made thus far and so many more to come!

Current parents: You can check out all the spirit of Tripp on display in our weekly video recaps. Week 1 and Week 2 videos are available in your myTLC accounts. One logged in, click on video under the online community section. Enjoy!


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