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By July 1, 2023 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Swim

We are elated to once again be gathered together with our girls in the Promised Land! Despite a rainy arrival day, spirits were high and smiles were plenty as each camper was received with wild enthusiasm from staff and fellow campers. We strive for each camper that enters our oasis to feel a sense of belonging. Almost immediately, you could see the sense of belonging and sisterhood displayed in the big sisters running to find out which bunk their little sisters were in, or the older campers sharing their brightly colored face paint with the younger girls on the bus ride up. All the months of planning and weeks of staff training have led us to this beautiful thing we call summer camp, where kids can become the best versions of themselves. Little teams

This first week has been all about the assimilation into the Tripp Lake experience. Whether new or returning, it always takes a little time to get back in the camp groove. Once you find it though, there’s no turning back. Week one has been jam packed with so many fun activities and events. We hit the ground running with age old traditions like “Return of the Shield” and “Election of the Captains”. There were big and little team announcements, our first pajama breakfast of the summer, day trips around stunning Maine, and plenty of fun throughout our many activity areas. Genuine and meaningful connections are being made each day, and we feel privileged to be facilitating memories that will last a lifetime.

Team announcementsOur oldest campers, famously known at Tripp as 1AB, have been waiting for their moment to shine since beginning their Tripp Lake journey many years ago. From dining hall chants to crazy costumes, these seniors have quickly jumped into their roles as the leaders of campus. We’re so grateful to have such a kind and inclusive group leading our diverse camper population this summer. Their energy and spirit has been infectious at every turn. For someone who has never been through the Tripp Lake experience as a camper, it can sometimes be difficult to truly understand what this place means to the girls and young women that have grown up here. So who better to describe what “camp” means than our very own 1AB 2023. In their words,

“Camp is a place where we can escape from reality and be our true selves without judgement. We choose to come back each and every year because the bubble provides a safe space away from all of our troubles at home such as school & social media. Being in 1AB is an important part of camp because as the oldest girls it is our job to be role models for the younger campers and encourage everyone to have fun and participate. It’s also important because we uphold camp traditions and teach them to the younger generations. Being a 1ABer is so special because we get to start all the cheers and teach a lot of songs and bring the campers together. Plus, we get to do it with our closest friends that we’ve bonded with over many summers. Camp is so magical that it’s difficult to stay away, so we are drawn back every summer. Even the worst day at camp is better than the best day at home.”

Strawberry pickingCamp is…

“It feels like I never left, which is so magical.” – Isla O

“It’s great to be back home.” – Alexandra S.

“Camp is livelier than ever, which brings back the spirit of new and old friends reuniting in the promised land and it’s so meaningful we get to lead it, especially after growing up admiring older campers. “ – Emily M.

“It feels like a party everyday!” – Gabby A.

“I feel I can break out of my shell more and cheer my loudest.” – Sydney W

“Camp is home for me, where I can be myself and be with my closest friends.” – Claire W.

“Camp has always been a wondrous place and it’s an experience like no other and now that I’m in 1AB it’s even more exciting because I’m the one leading all the cheers and now I get to be a part of the traditions that make camp so special. And being in 1AB is exciting because we get to experience everything wonderful about camp but with a new perspective.” – Rachel P

“Because I’m with my friends that I trust and it feels like everyone here has my back.” – Alex L.

“Camp is a place where I can find comfort and truly be myself, it’s my favorite place on earth.” – Natalie F.

“The best part about camp is I can be real with everyone.” – Ruby L.

“Camp is super important to me because it gives me a chance to create strong bonds over the years and new ones each summer.” – Sadie A

We’re so proud of 1AB and all our campers for stepping outside their comfort zone to join us for what is sure to be a magical summer! Moving forward, we will plan to share a recap each week of the Tripp Lake experience through this blog along with a video which will be sent to our current parents via email. Stay tuned for more!

Kind regards,

Leslie and Katie