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By September 29, 2023 October 3rd, 2023 TLC Times

Some of the most special parts of Tripp Lake are the relationships that form as early as a camper’s very first summer, but last well into adulthood (I recently heard from an alumna, now in her 90s, who is still in touch with her Tripp Lake Camp friends). It is because of this we say that you are part of the Tripp Lake family, not just for the summer, but rather, for a lifetime. These connections are at the core of TLC’s strong alumnae network. It is through this network that you may reach out to a current college student to get their perspective of a school you might want to attend, reconnect with an old friend when moving to a new city, or get advice on a field in which you’re interested in learning more about.

On Tripp Lake Camp’s LinkedIn Page (which we hope you all will follow (including subscribing to the monthly The Leadership Corner Newsletter) and through the  camp’s Alumnae Site (on which we hope all alumnae will register) we have multiple series that highlight our alumnae, as shown below.

Though most of us are no longer physically at camp, we hope that you will take advantage of the various opportunities that we have for alumnae to stay connected, thereby helping us grow these platforms.

Please reach out to Georgia Wainger Sussman, Head of Alumnae Relations, at (georgia@tripplakecamp.com) with any questions, ideas to strengthen our community, or if you want to get more involved.

Remember, the song says it all: for you girls belong to Tripp Lake and Tripp Lake belongs to you.

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