August 5 and August 6, 2022 – TLC Times

By August 7, 2022 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Dance show

Tripp Lake and TakajoWe started Friday morning off with a PJ breakfast followed by a number of fun activities and events, including another brother/sister with Camp Takajo on the Songo river queen. Brothers, sisters and cousins from Tripp Lake and Takajo spent quality time reflecting on their summers at camp while enjoying a much needed breezy cruise around Long Lake. For those of you with children at both camps, we’re sure you’re looking at the pictures and thinking how much your children have grown in just a single season at camp. We love that the girls and boys can share in these experiences during these moments and hopefully gain a deeper appreciation for the opportunity you’ve given them. 

Tripp Lake RelayFriday also brought the marquee event for our little teams. The Whacked up Relay is another silly and fun tradition here at Tripp Lake where the four little teams compete in a series of hilarious stations, with the goal of making it to the finish line first. At every turn, you could catch a glimpse of brightly colored ensembles as girls sprinted from station to station, tagging their teammates and cheering loudly at every turn. The entire race always culminates in the chosen SUBs from each team covering themselves in chocolate sauce right before running into Leslie’s arms. It’s a sweet way to end such a fantastic summer of fun events for our younger campers. They’ve gone all out in every competition and event and we’re so happy they had the chance to come together once more to show off their team pride.

Down at the waterfront on Saturday, the big teams participated in sailing and canoe races. It was amazing to see our older campers show off all the small craft skills they’ve acquired over the years and this summer at camp. Each team showed up ready to compete and cheer their teammates on in a number of fun and exhilarating races around Tripp Lake. 

Tripp Lake SailingAfter lunch on Saturday, the little team banquet took place. This special event is a celebration of our younger campers who have shown such great spirit and energy throughout the summer. Each team went to their designated locations, where they enjoyed appropriately colored treats based on their team colors. The SUBs who have been here since their JR I summer had the chance to take a leadership role in this celebration by preparing and making a speech to their respective teams. Each camper did a fantastic job of expressing their love of Tripp Lake. These wonderful SUBs spend all summer looking up to the Seniors IIs who make speeches at various events, and you could see how they emulate the sentiments that 1AB does, even at a young age. It’s evident they really look up to the older girls and we can see the sparkle in their eye as they talk about camp and what it means to them.

Tripp lake BanquetThe Tripp Lake Dance Show from Saturday received rave reviews from all of camp. We saw so many incredible group dances from the classic “1AB Lookalike” to the “Special Diets”! There were also a lot of excellent solo and duo acts where our spirited dancers pranced across the stage with bright smiles and lots of flair. Our 1AB hosts even had all of OTW (Over the Wall) out of their seats dancing and singing on and off the stage during a brief intermission. You wouldn’t have known we were experiencing a heat wave because everyone truly had the best night celebrating the art of dance and how it brings people together in the most positive way! We’re making the most of every moment we have here and what better way to do that than through dancing and laughter.


Kind Regards,

Leslie and Katie