August 2, 2022 – TLC Times

By August 3, 2022 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Wish Night

Tuesday was our last trip day of the summer for the JRs through the Inter Is. This week was fun trip week at Tripp Lake Camp which meant the girls ventured out to fun and exciting locations and activities around Maine. The JRs went to the Desert of Maine where their AJ sisters had visited earlier this summer. The day began with a guided tour followed by a fossil dig and scavenger hunt. The girls also enjoyed mini golf and hiking through the desert before heading back to camp. The AJs had the chance to experience Monkey C Monkey Do, a high ropes course with 60 obstacles ranging from 12 to 50 feet off the ground. The girls have been practicing their high ropes skills at Tripp Lake so this was a fun way for them to show what they’ve learned while also getting to try new elements not found at Tripp. After flying high through the skies, they went to the main Maritime Museum where they explored various exhibit’s such as Lobstering and The Maine Coast.

Tripp Lake Camp TripsThe Inter IIIs started their fun trip at the Magic lantern for a morning movie followed by adventure golf and go-karts at Seacoast Adventure. The Inter IIs started their day at Wilbur’s chocolate factory for some cookie dipping, followed by bowling! Finally, the the Inter Is had the opportunity to go to Portland paddle for a guided tour and island hop. On the mainland they too stopped to bowl for a bit before going to Fenn Park for some ice cream on the way back to camp. While all these age groups were out on trips, the seniors took over campus to work on their various special events. The SR Is have been diligently practicing for sing song happening Thursday night and the SR IIs (minus the big team captains) spent all day painting and preparing their team feast backdrops. We’re in the midst of the days when multiple special events planned by our age groups take place!

Tripp Lake TripsOn Tuesday night, all of camp came together for a favorite Tripp Lake tradition: Wish Night. Wish Night is always planned by the Inter II age group, and is a special way for all the campers and counselors to share their hopes and dreams for the future of Tripp Lake Camp. Every year, the Inter IIs pick a theme that best represents the growth of a camper, from junior summer all the way to 1AB. This year’s theme was called the “The Story Book of Tripp”. As the Inter IIs described, “ As a junior you open the book and embark on your first chapter. As you start to get older the pages start to turn more rapidly, and you begin to understand the meaning of Tripp. As you reach your final pages, you’re able to grasp the importance of the tradition and lessons learned at camp.” Once it started to get dark, the girls were called by age group to hold hands and walk from campus down to the beach. The groups were asked to remain silent on this walk so they could fully appreciate the presentation put on by the Inter IIs. Along the winding path down to the water, there were several lit stops along the way with beautifully illustrated posters showing the journey of a Tripp Lake Camper and the importance of each year at camp.

Upon arriving at the beach bonfire, each age group was greeted with a camp song serenade from the Inter IIs. Once everyone was cozied up together on the beach, each Inter II took turns reading aloud the various wishes that campers had previously submitted. One camper, who embodies the spirit of a true Tripp Laker, from each age group was then selected to light a candle on the water. The campers selected this year were: Sloane B (JR), Rae B. (AJ), Teddy L. (Sub), Hudson K (Inter III), Alexa B. (Inter I), Ali L. (SR I). Each 1AB camper also shared their wish for Tripp Lake while lighting candles on the water. Three counselors who the girls feel best demonstrate the spirit, traditions and qualities that are necessary for Tripp were selected to add to the beautiful candle display. Katie M, Mackenzie R and George S were chosen this year and each came to the front to read their wish aloud for everyone. It was a meaningful night for all who participated and we’re incredibly proud of the Inter IIs for putting together such a spectacular display of the magic that is Tripp Lake. The entire event culminated with a stunning Fireworks display over Tripp Lake! 


Kind Regards,

Leslie and Katie