July 22, 2022 – TLC Times

By July 22, 2022 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Giants

As we enter the weekend that would have been visiting day, we felt it was a smart idea to really switch things up for the campers. The morning was a nice change of pace as we had an open breakfast from 8 to 9 which allowed our sleepier girls to get a bit more shut eye, while still providing that 8 AM breakfast option for our early birds. After assembly, the campers split up and went to structured open activities across camp based on their age group and team. We had a beach day option available for all the age groups at different points throughout the day where they could play in the swim area with their friends, hang out on the beach, jump off the inflatables, and participate in water ski and banana boat!

Tripp Lake WaterWhen not living their best lives down at the waterfront, the campers reported to the lodge to make their goodie bag at the candy bar setup by our staff. Each camper was able to choose from an assortment of options ranging from classic chocolate bars to every type of gummy worm and gummy bear you can imagine. We also had team capture the flag going on for each age group from morning until dinner. Although we know the girls love their normal structured day here at Tripp Lake, we found they liked having this style of a day as well because it gave them a chance to rotate throughout different areas of camp without the pressure of needing to quickly move from one activity to the next. 

We had a truly special Friday evening service tonight as well. A number of our lovely 1AB Senior IIs as well as former camper (now staff member) Sammy S. were chosen to speak about their time at Tripp Lake and what it means to them. In between beautifully crafted speeches and heart-felt reflections, our AJs and SUBs were chosen to accompany the piano with their sweet melodies. This was one of those services where everything kind of clicked for the younger campers. We’ve now been here together for four amazing weeks and you can see that many of our SR IIs are coming to the realization that their time as a camper at Tripp Lake will be coming to a close in a few short weeks. It’s very emotional for them and all of us who have watched them grow into beautiful role models.

Tripp Lake Banana BoatWhile holding back tears through smiles, the SR IIs shared with their younger sisters about all the things they hoped they would get out of this experience. They talked about how Tripp Lake has given them the opportunity to spend seven magical weeks a year trying new things that they never would’ve been exposed to otherwise. They talked about appreciating the disconnection from the outside world and how Tripp has pushed them outside their comfort zones in the best way possible. They encouraged their younger sisters to really appreciate what’s around them and not to let the rest of their time here this summer go to waste. Try it all! One of our favorite moments was when one of the campers spoke on what they referred to as the in-between moments at camp. Whether walking with friends between activities or reflecting on the day with your bunkmates before bed, the in-between moments are where the community and sisterhood is built.

Tripp Lake Great QuestEach camper has found a deep sense of comfort in their experience at Tripp Lake and you can see how much confidence they’ve found in themselves. Sammy spoke on how coming back to camp this summer gave her a sense of relief and calmness as soon as she stepped on campus. Tripp Lake has given her and so many other campers and staff the opportunity to be their true authentic selves and find peace in the friendships and indescribable love they feel each day. She ended by saying that Tripp Lake is always a part of you and that it’s a story that has no end. We are certain many former campers feel the same way.

Tripp Lake Great QuestWe ended the night with the highly anticipated all camp activity, “The Great Quest”. The Great Quest is a team-based scavenger hunt where campers dress up in crazy costumes with partners from their age group. They are then tasked with running all over camp to hunt down items and get signatures from staff as well as perform tasks and dances for points. The object of the activity is to get the most points for your Big Team which will go towards the ultimate prize of the shield which is given out at the end of the summer to the team with the most points. It was pure joy and mayhem all over camp tonight! What a fun way to end this already wonderful day on a positive note. Tomorrow we have our second phone call day of the summer and we’re sure you’re going to hear a lot more stories from your girls. When not on phone calls the campers will be going to different activities throughout camp and preparing for upcoming events and trips!


Kind Regards,

Leslie and Katie