July 21, 2022 – TLC Times

By July 22, 2022 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Special Day

Curiosity loomed in the Tripp Lake dining hall this morning. You could hear whispers of “Do you think it’s special day?” amongst the juniors grabbing their yogurt and fruit, while the Seniors sat sleepy-eyed knowing from years of experience as a Tripp Laker that something was definitely up. Over at the Inter IIIs, we heard more details about their “Night Under the Stars”. The advisors shared that they surprised the girls with an evening period swim and thunder dome waterfront adventure followed by a movie night under the dining hall with delicious snacks including watermelon, goldfish, and swedish fish. It was a wonderful bonding activity for the entire age group. 

Tripp Lake KindnessAfter assembly, the various age groups dispersed to different locations to participate in the camp kindness activities that our seniors planned. The Inter Is and IIs made department appreciation posters and friendship bracelets, while the Inter IIIs and Subs wrote thoughtful letters to campers and staff to handout. The Seniors helped teach camp songs, and the JRs created chalk artwork and positive messages outside the dining hall. It was a great way to start our morning with gratitude and kindness for one another. Seems like this could be a good way to start any day if you ask me.

Tripp Lake Special DayBack to special day though. For those of you who don’t know, there is always an official “Special Day” every summer at TLC. Sure, every day is special at Tripp Lake, but only one can claim the “Special Day” title. Special day always has a different theme every summer, and this year was one for the scrapbooks! CAMPchella brought out the adventurous and music loving sides of our counselors and campers. It began with the official announcement of the “blue canoe has landed”, which indicates to the girls that it’s time to run back to their bunks, put on their swimsuits and meet at the head of campus for instructions. Upon gathering at the head of campus which is located between the bunk circle at Tripp Lake and the dining hall, the various departments followed each other in a line as they displayed fun outfits and tons of enthusiasm for their specific CAMPchella themed group. From boy band themed advisors to Eurovision themed tennis, the counselors took their assignments very seriously which made it even more exciting for the campers. Not to mention, the administration were decked out in flower crowns and custom CAMPchella T-shirts, cheering and dancing through the lines of girls as they watched the parade of staff.

Tripp Lake Cotton CandyFrom there the girls made their way to the activities for the morning. There was face paint and yard games, as well as an open waterfront and tennis. The waterfront was very popular today as the girls rotated between swimming, jumping off the Thunderdome, going down the big inflatable slide, and water skiing and banana boating. There were also several inflatables, a cotton candy stand, and the fan favorite slip n slide. We made sure to try to keep these girls cool all morning long with plenty of water activities, and they all had a blast. It’s such a joy to see the entire camp gathered and having fun.

Tripp Lake Special DayThe afternoon brought a bit of rain which allowed the campers more time to rest after a very eventful morning. After a cookout dinner, the big teams met up for singsong practice where younger campers acquired their coveted team bracelets that they will undoubtedly keep on their wrist all summer long. The next couple of days will be a switch up from normal activities as we continue to keep these girls on their toes. Friday morning is a sleep in of sorts with a rolling breakfast happening from 8 to 9. We can’t tell you how excited our 1AB campers are to have a little extra time to rest! We have to admit, we’re a little excited too.

Kind Regards,

Leslie and Katie