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By July 21, 2022 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Dance

In between competing on the fields and courts, the Tripp Lake girls have continued to weather the heat by enjoying as much time as they can in our air-conditioned art shops and down at the waterfront. When not in the shops yesterday the Inter IIIs could be found putting all their last minute preparation together for their age group show, “The Sound of Music”. This classic musical is full of wonder and adventure and the campers really displayed that in full through wonderful song and dance. They did a tremendous job!

Tripp Lake BasketballIt was an afternoon of games, shops and important planning for our Inter IIs and up. The Inter IIs are working on “Wish Night” right now which is a very special tradition at Tripp Lake that we will talk about more when the event happens! The Inter Is have been working hard on their scrapbooks and the Seniors were planning events for camp kindness day which is happening tomorrow morning. They have put a number of activities together for our campers to participate in following the theme of kindness and we know it will be such a positive start to everyone’s day.

Tripp Lake SoftballToday, the Inter Is began their morning with some early waterski which has quickly become a great way for our girls to make the most of their time on our gorgeous waterfront. Today also started off strong for all the big and little teams. For little teams, Our smilies and cheeries competed in lacrosse while our laughers and jollies played each other in softball. The Inter Is also played their hearts out on the basketball court and soccer field, representing their big teams in all those fabulous outfits. There was plenty of tennis all around, from the AJs all the way to the Seniors. We are really trying to give these girls a fantastic tennis experience this summer through the phenomenal coaching from our head of tennis, Paul, and our tennis academy coach, Aaron. We really think you’re going to be impressed when your daughters take you on in a match this off-season!

Tripp Lake SwimAfter dinner this evening the Subs and Inter Is met with our lovely advisor, Kimberly, to learn and sing songs. A few days ago the Inter Is had learned “Shooting Star” so they helped Kimberly to teach it to the Sub age group. Both age groups all sang it together and it was a beautiful moment for all the campers and counselors involved. After singing as a group, they split up into smaller groups and the Inter Is taught the Subs various traditional songs such as “The Dance”, “Circle Game” and “Gazing Out”. It was special to witness the older girls learning these songs and then passing along that knowledge to their younger sisters. There’s a lot of singing that goes on at Tripp Lake and we want all our campers to feel like they can participate in full so these song lessons are an important part of the integration into camp and their progression as they move through the age groups.

Tripp Lake ArcheryTonight was also the much anticipated Inter III “Night under the stars”. This is an important age group bonding activity planned by the advisor and assistant advisor and we can’t wait to share more about how the night went down in our next blog!

Kind Regards,

Leslie and Katie