July 17 & July 18, 2022 – TLC Times

By July 18, 2022 TLC Times
Tripp Lake paddleboard
Tripp Lake SwimWe’re not going to lie, it’s heating up here at Tripp Lake Camp and in Maine. Thankfully, we have our beautiful lake to explore and cool off in! There’s going to be plenty of waterfront action in the days to come. Yesterday brought a lot of excitement for all of our age groups across activity areas. The Inter IIIs went through their intensive canoe classes in order to prepare for their long trip ahead.
Tripp Lake Camp high Ropes
The subs were the first of our groups to experience the excitement of high ropes. It’s wonderful to see these girls facing their fears and supporting each other on this beautiful course amongst the trees. The Inter Is played gold team tennis in the morning and the seniors play theirs in the afternoon. There was also big team archery for our older age groups, as well as many team games across all of landsports. After dinner the Inter IIs put on a fun and engaging performance of their age group show: High School Musical. They had the whole crowd singing we’re all in this together until the very end. We are so proud of them!
Tripp Lake Lacrosse
Moving into today we were actually hopeful to experience a little rain to cool some things off and water the grass a bit. The juniors spent their morning across gymnastics, dance, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse and pottery. The Subs continued on their high ropes course in the morning as well! Early on in the day, the Seniors and Inter Is hit up the fitness studio for some spinning while also getting their rope burn instructions from the trip den. More to come on what rope burn is.
The rain held off most of the afternoon today which allowed the girls to continue throughout their activities but it finally gave in around dinner time which meant the evening was spent with some relaxing and fun bunk bonding activities for the girls. They were able to get out for a little bit tonight before bedtime but overall it was a pretty quiet evening at camp. It’s a good thing they are getting their rest now because we have many exciting days ahead, and we can’t wait to bring all the fun and energy into the last few weeks of summer.
Kind Regards,
Leslie and Katie