July 16, 2022 – TLC Times

By July 16, 2022 July 18th, 2022 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Low Ropes
All dressed up in their team colors, the seniors and team captains led the girls in enthusiastic and spirited team cheers around the flag pole at assembly this morning. This is not abnormal for Tripp Lake campers, however it was intentional in getting the girls hype before the second swim meet of the summer! Most of the big team competitions happen for the Inter III age group and up, except for the swim meet and sing song. Because all of the age groups are able to participate, it creates a real sense of sisterhood and community at Tripp Lake. It was a good thing it was warm early on, because the girls were in that lake water right away.
Tripp Lake Camp SwimThe swim meet is also a wonderful time to witness the bonds that are created amongst the oldest and youngest campers. You can see our older girls hugging and encouraging each of their teammates before and after the races, which is something these younger campers will always remember and look back on especially when they become the older campers later in their Tripp Lake camper experience. When not participating in the swim meet, the girls hung out at the beach and enjoyed the beautiful morning on the lake.
Tripp Lake Camp Pottery
After the swim meet the girls headed off to various activities. Over at pottery you could find the JRs creating different shapes and fun pieces which they will be able to paint and glaze and hopefully bring home to their families. The AJs could be found on the lacrosse and softball fields competing in little team games. The Inter IIs worked on their endurance and agility over at the tennis academy as well.
Tripp Lake Camp Tennis For the afternoon we saw almost every activity area in action today. There was a lot of laughter and fun happening over on low ropes within the Inter III age group embracing the team building activities. The low ropes course is a great way for our campers to bond with other bunks in their age group while getting comfortable with various elements on the course. Starting tomorrow, we will see the age groups participating in the high ropes course which is where things really get exciting for the campers. We can’t wait to show photos and footage of them facing their fears with the support of their campers and counselors! The Inter IIs were in theater all afternoon preparing for their production of high school musical which will be happening tomorrow night. We have no doubt they will put on a fantastic show with plenty of singing along happening in the audience.
The Inter Is and Seniors had an early dinner today before boarding the bus for Portland Sea dogs part two. If you read the previous blog where they went to the Seas Dogs game, you will remember that the game was rained out and therefore rescheduled. We were happy to announce that tonight was their make up night and there was not a rain cloud in the sky. They all had a blast at the game and returned home safely to Tripp Lake.
Kind Regards,
Leslie and Katie