July 13, 2022 – TLC Times

By July 13, 2022 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Subs
The campers awoke well rested and excited for their favorite Tripp Lake morning tradition today! After enjoying some Dunkin’ Donuts treats with their fellow sisters at pajama breakfast, they continued through their daily activities with intention. The JRs started their morning with a mix of art shops, gymnastics and dance. They also managed to fit in some basketball and softball before lunch. The AJs split their time between low ropes bonding activities and some favorite art activities at pottery and fine arts, as well as field hockey and soccer. The subs were ecstatic to have their little team games today! The jollies played the cherries in softball and the Smileys played the laughers in field hockey.
Tripp Lake Field HockeyThe Subs are the leaders of the little teams and in turn get a chance to rotate throughout the very important cheerleader position. This gives them the chance to dress up as the Little Team different mascots and learn important skills about the power of teamwork and the importance of leadership in competition. They’re also responsible for teaching all the new campers the different little team cheers which are integral to the game experience at Tripp Lake. Every Sub will get a chance to be a cheerleader this summer and they are already off to a very strong start!
Tripp Lake SilverOur older age groups managed to fit in a number of different activities throughout their day, some favorites been silver jewelry making and digital photography. At silver jewelry making many of the girls have elevated their skills from initially working with copper to now working with silver to make beautiful rings, bracelets and necklaces. It’s quite astonishing what they are able to create in this shop and it’s definitely something they probably won’t do again in their lives. The rest of the day was business as usual. 5 o’clock free brought a mix of gaga and water ski. After dinner the JRs joined together in letter writing under the dining hall, the AJs created sidewalk chalk art outside the office, the Subs played kickball and the Inter IIs joined in the fun of seated volleyball and badminton. The Inter IIIs and Inter Is had their chance to experience a social with Camp Takajo boys tonight. Just like the Inter IIs and
Seniors from the other night, they set out on the Songo River Queen this evening. A couple lucky bunks got to experience the fan favorite KP where the girls go to the dining hall to make the evening snack of toast with butter and cinnamon. We don’t know why they love this so much but it’s something they look forward to every summer. A couple cabins also got to go out on Olympia for a beautiful evening cruise around the lake!
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Leslie and Katie