July 14, 2022 – TLC Times

By July 15, 2022 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Teams

The Tripp Lake Big and Little Teams showed up dressed to impress today! We all love the festive sequin, color-coordinated spirit clothes these girls wear to share their team pride. It’s just another way to get themselves and their teammates hyped up for the competition ahead. The morning featured our Bronze Tennis matches. The Inter IIIs always play as the bronze division of the big teams, with the Inter IIs as silver and Inter Is and Seniors as gold.

Tripp Lake LacrosseWe saw many exciting games across the little teams today as well. In the JR division, the smilies played the jollies in field hockey and the cheeries played the laughers in soccer. In the AJ division, the cheeries played the laughers in basketball, whiles the smilies and jollies competed in lacrosse. The subs showed up ready to play as well with the smilies against the cheeries in basketball and the laughers vs the jollies in lacrosse. The vision of a camper going all out in lacrosse while wearing a tutu and other fun accessories will never get old.

The Seniors, Inter IIs and Inter Is had a great morning at the tennis academy with Aaron. He has them out there working hard on skill development and endurance, all while smiling and laughing! In swim, the campers are continuing to work on their strokes in order to move up the cap ladder. We saw many of our younger campers working towards their red caps today which is the second level and one up from orange. With each new cap color earned, we see the confidence continuing to build in these girls. It’s a wonderful system that values precision, grace and skill.

Tripp Lake Red CapThe rainy afternoon brought the much needed opportunity for our girls to bond with their bunkmates and counselors, and perhaps do a little bunk cleanup (we can only hope). It was also apparent that each age group needed a little downtime after several days of constant activities. We usually have more rainy days by this time in the season, but it’s been very warm and dry so those opportunities for a little more relaxation have not been available. The rain was more than welcomed today.

Tripp Lake TennisAfter dinner, all the campers split up into their big team groups for some very important sing song practice time. Although we’re still weeks away from sing song, there’s a lot of work to be done. The leaders know this and are trying to help bring the girls in their respective teams up to speed so they feel confident and empowered to participate at the highest level. 

Tomorrow is the first of our age group theater productions and all of camp is looking forward to it! The Inter IIIs will be performing “The Wizard of Oz”, and we’re anticipating fantastic singing, dancing and acting. We’re already so proud of all of them!

Kind Regards,

Leslie and Katie