August 8, 2021 – TLC Times

By August 8, 2021 TLC Times

Every summer there are so many events where our staff is asked to keep a secret so that our campers are happily surprised when each event comes up in the schedule. Team Feast is an event that’s organized by the oldest campers that is meant to celebrate and honor the captains of each team. This special feast is genuinely the best-kept secret of the summer, and today it was the big reveal!

During lunch, our captains are escorted away from lunch so that each team can set up their team feast location with the backdrop of their selected gifts of their character. During the summer, each team chooses a character that best represents their captain. They spend the summer crafting, drawing, painting, and designing a large backdrop with their selected character. In addition to the entire event being a secret, the selected character is also not revealed until the special day. This afternoon the girls whirled around campus, tying up loose ends and finalizing their decorations to really wow their captains! And let me tell you, they did! After multiple fake-outs this week, our campers were so excited that today was the official event.

As each captain came back to campus, they were taken to their team feast location, where they changed into the costume of their character, then with the sound of the blow horn, all the teams cheer and reveal their captain’s character! Sydney (Giants) was the one, and only Smurfette from The Smurfs, Ava (Tigers) was the favorite green dinosaur, Yoshi from Super Mario Bros., Quinn was the loving Cheer Bear from the Care Bears, and Lilly was the iconic Dracula. Every single team did an incredible job creating their vision for each character and creating their backdrop. It was truly an impressive sight to see!

After the big reveal, dinner is brought into each team location for them to enjoy. This evening is meant for the team to enjoy time together and celebrate the outstanding leadership each captain has given over the entire summer. It was such a fun, creative, and memorable evening at camp!

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