August 7, 2021 – TLC Times

By August 7, 2021 TLC Times

As parents, you know just how quickly your kids are growing up right before your eyes. One moment they’re crawling, and the next, they’re hopping on a bus or plane on their way to Maine for their first summer camp experience. We see that same growth in the blink of an eye here at Tripp Lake Camp. When girls arrive here, they are welcomed with open arms by loving staff members who care for them with you always in mind, challenge them to try new things, and they’re a shoulder to lean on when hard days come their way. Often throughout the summer (and life!), we’re all so busy that we forget to take a moment and reflect on just how much growth has happened with our kids. Sure we may notice the change in height, change in shoe size, or the movement from grade to grade, but often, we forget to take note of just how much positive growth we’ve seen in their confidence, independence, and personality. As we approach the final week of camp, those moments of reflection are coming as so many of us cannot believe we’re already at the end of the summer.

One event that always makes me reflect is our Little Team Banquet, which was earlier this afternoon! Our younger campers get dressed in their team clothes and come into the dining hall for a surprise afternoon of cheers, speeches, and cupcakes! As they walk into the dining hall, staff members are lined up, welcoming them in with cheers and huge smiles. After cheering their way into the dining hall, our Subs stood up in front of everyone to read aloud speeches they’ve been working on. During each speech, campers reflected on the journey they’ve taken from their first year at camp as a Junior I and how much they’ve enjoyed being on a little team. They shared words of wisdom and encouraged our younger campers to take advantage of the experience they will have over the next few years on their little teams. The girls did such a great job! Each staff member continued to say how proud they were of each camper and how much they’ve grown this summer!

I know I say it often, but I truly do mean it – our girls are incredible. They’re so brave, talented, intelligent, kind, and such a joy to spend summer with. I am looking forward to the upcoming days full of events with each of them!

Kind Regards,