August 6, 2021 – TLC Times

By August 7, 2021 TLC Times

After the very exciting evening we had in the theatre for Sing Song yesterday, campers were thrilled to hear that this morning we had a PJB! Girls made their way in for Dunkin Donuts in their pajamas while enjoying the slower pace this morning brought. The sun was shining bright, and we felt the warmer 80-degree weather. So many campers and staff alike commented on how excited they were for a warmer summer day, which is excellent since the forecast looks like this warmer weather is here to stay!

During the afternoon, our staff was doing final preparations for our surprise event for our Juniors, AJs, and Subs. Everyone worked as a team to set up all the different activities across camp so that they could have a fantastic Wacked Up Relay event! Each team wore their team colors and came ready to run in hopes they could lead their team to victory! The first station started with the sound of reveille, and campers from each team started at the first activity of ‘waking up’ and making a bed that was set up under the trees. From there, the next set of campers were off and running around to different activities! Every team had a staff running partner, who went from station to station with them. Whether it was doing somersaults in the gym, tossing water balloons, or hula hooping on the beach, the campers had a blast exploring all of campus!

Before we knew it, the campers were heading towards Spahn House Porch for their very last activity. It was an extremely close race as the Cheeries and Smilies made their way up the hill for the final (and favorite!) event of hugging Leslie while covered in chocolate! At the last second, the Cheeries pulled ahead, and they won the race! They instantly circled Leslie with excitement and began cheering for everyone to hear! Every team did such an amazing job, and all ended with laughter, smiles, and of course, chocolate hugs for every team! Such a fun event for our younger campers!

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