August 9, 2021 – TLC Times

By August 10, 2021 TLC Times

Every year there are so many moments when I see interactions between our staff and campers, and I become overwhelmed with happiness, and this year is no different. Our staff show up each and every day with an energy, positivity, sense of humor, and care for our campers that is unmatched. The bond our campers have with staff is an incredible thing to see grow over the summer. Campers have made some amazing memories over the summer, and their bunk counselors are there for almost all of them. Towards the end of every summer, we have a staff musical called Brigadoon, a secret musical that our staff work on every night in the theatre. They memorize lines, practice singing, acting, and step into their leading roles so seamlessly. Tonight was the big night, and our campers were so excited to see what musical our staff would soon reveal. After multiple onstage fakeouts to kick off the night, the staff finally shared that they would be performing the amazing show of Mamma Mia!

The second the campers found out, they went wild with excitement! There was a palpable sense of energy, excitement, and joy sitting in OTW, masked as a camp community. We took an adventure through the Greek islands in search of Sophie’s father. Our staff really impressed us with their talents – they sang beautifully, danced, and acted so wonderfully up on stage. It was amazing! If I could go back and have them do it again, I would! 

For our 1AB campers, this evening marks a very sentimental moment for them – their last show in OTW, a place they’ve held dearly since being a new camper at TLC. We sang beautiful camp songs together, we held onto one another, and made sure to look around the beautiful theatre and promise to never forget these moments with one another. It was an amazing moment together, and I’m so grateful for tonight!

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