August 1, 2021 – TLC Times

By August 2, 2021 TLC Times

It’s one of my greatest honors to watch our campers grow up at Tripp Lake Camp. Whether it was this summer or nine summers ago, I have such fond memories of our girls stepping off the bus for the very first time on arrival day – full of excitement but also overwhelmed with nerves about what camp life was all about. This evening, we had the privilege of celebrating our Seniors’ incredible journey at our Senior Party event. The room was filled with beautiful table cloths, twinkle lights, placemats with pictures of each Senior, and all the love we have for our them! The second they stepped into Cliff House and saw the beautiful decorations, their faces lit up.

This night is a time to celebrate the leadership our Seniors have brought and their journey over the years – a time to thank them for representing Tripp Lake Camp so wonderfully to all the younger campers. The last year and a half have been challenging to say the least, and I am so impressed with our Seniors’ ability to adapt to our new normal at camp and truly lead with confidence and positivity. After such a challenging year, their resilience has been so incredible to watch! Tonight kicked off with a beautiful meal, amazing desserts, and then we led into speeches from bunk counselors and speakers that our Seniors nominated. Each staff member’s speech was filled with sweet memories and stories of just how much of an impact our Seniors have had on their own lives.

After such an amazing night of speeches, we closed the evening by holding hands as a group, with the beautiful twinkle lights hanging above us, singing traditional songs we all know and love. I’m looking forward to spending the next two weeks soaking up every moment with our campers, and especially our 1AB ladies. These moments are ones we will cherish forever.

Kind Regards,