July 31, 2021 – TLC Times

By July 31, 2021 TLC Times

We started this beautiful Saturday morning with a PJB! Campers arrived to the dining hall later this morning dressed in their pajamas, ready to dive into the box of Dunkin Donuts. After morning activities, lunch brought a very exciting announcement that two of our 1AB campers, Aliza and Sammy earned their white caps! Passing caps to the highest honor of white cap is a very big deal, and we make sure to celebrate this moment at Tripp Lake!

To kick off this celebration, a current camper with a white cap will go and surprise the new white cap at their table in the dining hall. From there the entire swim team starts cheering and running around the dining hall. The swim team pulls a bench for the new camper to stand up on in front of everyone, and a white cap covered in candy is placed on their head. From there the loudest cheers you’ve ever heard ring out through the entire dining hall. The excitement their friends have for them in this moment is such a special thing to see. It’s a moment that always gives me chills because these girls work so hard over the years to reach this moment. I’m so incredibly proud of them! Aliza and Sammy join Zoe and Victoria who had their white cap celebration last week!

Today was also another very exciting event, our AJ’s theatre performance of Madagascar! They took us along on their quest to explore the world outside of the Central Park Zoo. The friendship between characters like Alex and Marty came alive on stage with the close bond our AJs have with one another. They did such an amazing job at the matinee and evening show! Now we have our last age group show from the Juniors coming up next!

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