July 30, 2021 – TLC Times

By July 30, 2021 TLC Times

Today we woke up to a pretty chilly, but also sunny morning at camp. It was the perfect early morning sweatshirt weather – the summer mornings we always yearn for throughout the year during the cold winter months. Later on in the day, our Juniors, AJs, and Subs were called to the flag pole after rest hour for the favorite relay race surprise called Jocko’s Jamboree. Campers arrived at the flagpole and were quickly divided into different teams named after Candy Land’s theme! As soon as girls were broken up into their teams, they had three minutes to run back to their bunk, pick out team clothes, and dress their team leader – a TLC staff member. When campers found out they would have the opportunity to dress up their leader in all the wackiest pieces of clothing, they ran like the wind to their bunks! They came back and began adding funky hats, glasses, tutus, and all things bright-colored onto their leader. Once the timer dinged, each team had to select a song to introduce their leader to the rest of the campers. As each team went, judges held up different scorecards for how each leader was dressed. Scorecards of 4 and 5 instantly started going in the air! All the girls had so much fun with it!

After the first task, all the campers went down to the soccer field for the relay race! Teams lined up and began to tackle each relay race after the other. Girls arrived in their swimsuits in preparation for relay races involving water in all forms, like water balloons and buckets of water. For the first race, each team member needed to run down to the end of the field and sit down to pop a water balloon. As soon as they popped it, they ran back to tag the next person in line. Another race was all about balancing a tennis ball on a racquet while still trying to maintain speed to stay ahead of the other teams. I was so impressed with their determination, balance, and ability to laugh at themselves and get right back in it, if they accidentally let the ball fall or struggled to complete the task. Their sportsmanship was also great to see – they rooted for each other and made sure every camper felt supported from the sidelines.

The relay races ended with a chocolate syrup relay race – yes, you heard that right! Campers had to dip their hands in and then run to add their chocolate handprints to a poster board. So many campers would attempt to give me a big ole’ chocolate hug! After being pied in the face yesterday, what’s a little chocolate today, right? The day was a blast, and our younger campers enjoyed having the ability to have fun with their friends, racing their way through the day!

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