July 29, 2021 – TLC Times

By July 30, 2021 TLC Times

After a fantastic day in the sun yesterday, we were thrilled to start another day of beautiful weather! After assembly, our campers went to sit under the trees to listen to the founder of World of Change speak to our campers about an important cause that started right here in Maine. He talked about the importance of paying attention to loose change on the ground to help raise money for non-profit organizations that work to impact the community around us. At the end of his talk, each camper was given a pile of change to dump into the machine on his World of Change truck, which let out a fun clicking noise in celebration when each coin was dropped in. Whether it was Camp Kindness earlier this week or today’s ask that we all pick up change whenever we can, our campers have done an amazing job spreading kindness, showing their support for others, and helping make a difference!

Later on today we had our little team swim meet down at the waterfront! Campers showed up in their best team clothes, ready to cheer! Just before the swim meet, it started to cool off and began to sprinkle down rain. The slightly cooler air made some campers hesitate when jumping in, but with their friends’ help, they jumped in as each counted down, ‘3, 2, 1!’ Campers did an amazing job! I’m so proud of every camper! At the end of the swim meet, as tradition goes, I was greeted with a pie in the face! The laughter that lets out during this moment makes it completely worth it! 

After a busy day down by the water, tonight brought a more relaxed evening for campers. I think the girls were needing an evening bonding with friends back on campus, after yesterday’s and today’s excitement. It was a quiet night on campus, and the sound of rain added to the peaceful evening!

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