July 28, 2021 – TLC Times

By July 29, 2021 TLC Times

This morning we were excited to surprise our campers with the news that we had a very fun afternoon planned for them down along the waterfront for our Wet and Wild Wednesday! During breakfast, we shared the news that their afternoon would be full of waterslides, obstacle courses, pirate canoeing, water jousting, pair waterski, Thunderdome races, and dunking all their favorite staff members in the dunk tank. As you can imagine their faces lit up, cheers let out, and the excitement began to take over the dining hall. After breakfast campers went to their morning activities, which for many campers included our field hockey and soccer mini camps. Campers came ready to run, learn, and practice their skills during each of these! After hours of conditioning and honing into their skillset, campers were ready for a fun afternoon to have some fun by the water! We could not have asked for a more beautiful day, with a full day of sun in the high 70’s.

After lunch girls went back to their bunks to put on their swimsuit, lather up their sunscreen, and then made their way towards the lake. As I was watching from the bottom of the hill, you could see campers walk patiently, but then immediately pick up speed as they began to see all the inflatable obstacle courses and slides once they walked under the trees by the dining hall. They had the best reactions! During a hot day in the sun, it’s hard to beat having your favorite ice cream or popsicle, and today we came ready with an amazing ice cream truck, full of vanilla, chocolate, fruity, non-dairy, and vegan treats for everyone!

To end the day we had our first 1AB Rope Burn event down at the beach, each big team had to create a fire with our RRODL department helping them do so safely. Each team had to work together, gather wood and other supplies, communicate with one another step by step, and work to be the first team to break their rope hanging above the fire. All campers sat from afar and watched each team work together during this event. I was so impressed by each team’s determination, teamwork, and patience! Our Tigers burned their rope first, and the entire audience cheered so loudly for the Tigers win! It was a fun day at camp, and I think it’s safe to say that our girls will sleep well tonight!

Kind Regards,