August 2, 2021 – TLC Times

By August 3, 2021 TLC Times

We had another sunny and beautiful day at Tripp Lake Camp today. Our Inter III, Inter II, Inter I, and Senior campers woke up just after sunrise for one of their favorite events, swim across the lake! They woke up, put their swimsuits on, and came down to the waterfront ready to swim! One by one, each age group jumped into the water and began their trek across the lake as lifeguards, who were placed in boats across the lake, closely watched them swim. I was down on the dock cheering them on, and as they made their way back we celebrated their success with warm hot cocoa and giving them a green ribbon so that they can always remember this moment!

Throughout the rest of the day, our Inter II’s worked through final preparation for this evening’s very special event, Wish Night! Along with so many campers, this is an evening that I look forward to every single year. I’m always amazed at the work our Inter II’s put into making this night truly magical. The evening begins by walking down the path to the lake, and along the way, our Inter II campers have signs up that take us along on a journey through the Tripp Lake experience. This evening the theme was titled, ‘uncovering the map of Tripp Lake’, and they did such an amazing job drawing the different scenes of camp and then eloquently speaking to each age group as they made their way towards the beach.

As campers turned the corner towards the lakefront, the cotton candy sky lit up the night, and you could see the beach fire beginning to roar in the night. The Inter II’s begin to sing and welcomed each age group as they arrived one by one. Once all campers were there, the night continued with the first wishes being read aloud. Leading up to tonight, each age group selected fellow campers and a small group of staff members to write a wish about the future of Tripp Lake Camp. As each wish was read aloud, the camper who wrote the wish would come up and walk with their Inter II partner to light their candle and then gently send it off onto the lake. The wishes were full of different messages, all centered around hope, love, and passion for ensuring Tripp Lake forever remains the special home we all know and love.

After campers read all the wishes, we ended the night with a fantastic fireworks show. The stars glistened in the sky as girls savored the final moments of this special evening together. I’m feeling so inspired and excited about the wishes everyone has for the future of Tripp Lake, and I’m so proud of the amazing evening our Inter II’s put together!

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