July 25, 2021 – TLC Times

By July 25, 2021 TLC Times

After such an amazing day yesterday, which was filled with our wacked up relay race and hunt the counselor event, we were so excited to start our second day of fun events! Today was the continuation of the much anticipated TLC Candy Bar, and our older campers came ready to pick out all their favorites! After a bit of a misty morning, we were so excited to see the sun shining – just in time for an evening on the softball field for our Portland Sea Dog’s Experience, an evening counselor vs counselor Wiffle ball game. When it comes to our staff, I’m always so impressed with their ability to create such fun and collaborative events that bring together our campers and staff, and tonight was exactly that!

We first broke up campers into two teams – the Climbers and Tigers versus the Cubs and Giants. Campers came dressed in a mixture of each team’s clothes, lined the bleachers, and came ready to cheer for their counselors! Our campers weren’t the only ones dressed spiritedly – our staff showed up to make their team proud. As each staff member walked on the field to hit, their very own walk-out song played for everyone in the stands to dance to. I’m pretty sure our DJs successfully made every single camper get up and dance! After we played Take Me Out to the Ball Game, we passed out surprise desserts for the girls to enjoy while they continued to root on their team. Our Climbers and Tigers, who we coined ‘The Cligers’, won the game at the bottom of the final inning! It was a tied game, the bottom of the final inning with two outs. Our Waterski instructor, Esteban, stepped up to the plate and scored the game-winning run! The crowd went wild, and campers came running onto the field to celebrate!

I’m so proud of our entire camp for putting on such an amazing weekend! Specifically, though, I’m so proud of our campers – their ability to shift their mindset from what this weekend usually looks like, and adapting by bringing so much positivity, spirit, and energy. I’ve heard so many campers over the last two days comment on how much fun they’ve been having, and how much they’ve enjoyed the new team events we’ve been adding into the mix, and I’m always so happy to share with them that we have even more in store over the next few weeks!

Tomorrow brings our first day back in 80 degrees weather, with a full day of sun in the forecast. We’re ready to jump into the lake, and soak it all up!

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