July 24, 2021 – TLC Times

By July 25, 2021 TLC Times

Campers woke up today with an excitement that you could feel the second they walked up to the dining hall. Big smiles swept across their face as they remembered the full day of events ahead of them. Before our big events started, we had a morning full of regularly scheduled activities. After making it down to the waterfront, I was thrilled to make it just before a number of our campers passed their rectangles or passed their stroke to the next cap!

After morning periods, we had lunch outside under the trees, where girls chanted and cheered all their favorite camp songs. They laughed with their friends and soaked up the sunny weather! After lunch, it was time for our younger campers to make their way to Tripp Lake Camp’s very own candy shop! They made their way in one by one, goodie bag in hand, ready to pick out their favorite candies. Whether it was Sour Patch Kids, Twix, Gummy Bears, Sweedish Fish, Sprees, or more – TLC’s candy bar was such a hit with our campers! From there, we kicked off the all-camp relay race, which had over 30 events spread out all across camp. Each team started at the field hockey team, forming puzzles, and then made their way to activities up and down camp, ending at the waterfront for one final relay swim. After swimming down the swim lane, campers climbed the Thunderdome and finally went down the giant yellow slide.

The relay race ended back at the flagpole, where we cheered on our winning team, the Giants! They jumped up and down, cheered loudly for everyone to hear, and enjoyed the time spent with one another. This event was full of high energy, running, supporting one another, and good communication between each team! After a fun day of relay racing, we met for Friday Evening services, followed by our Hunt the Counselor event, an evening where staff members hide all over and our campers search to find them. Each counselor found is worth a different number of points, so campers don’t know how many points their team has until the very end.  Our staff was thrilled to find the best hiding place around camp and awaited to be found by campers walking by. Whether it was hiding in a duffle bag or underneath a bunk deck – our staff got creative very quickly! Today was so much fun, and we hope you were able to follow along on our social media channels. In case you missed it, stay tuned tomorrow for a recap! We look forward to our events tomorrow, including Tripp Lake’s very own Portland Sea Dog’s Experience!

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