July 18, 2021 – TLC Times

By July 18, 2021 TLC Times

When it comes to our campers, their talents are endless! Every year, I’m always impressed by a new skill that one of our campers picked up during the school year or the growth seen after a year away practicing. The theatre is no different – the confidence and talent in our first show was amazing to see! Today brought our next show of the summer, our Inter II show, The Addams Family! I’ve had the opportunity to check in on their rehearsals over the past few weeks, and the way our campers brought these characters to life would make Morticia Addams very proud! The same goes for the stage sets – the level of detail and time spent creating the best Addams Family backdrop was an incredible sight to see.

Each show that we select has an important life lesson – a lesson that campers today are experiencing and can relate to. The Addams Family teaches us that it’s important for us all to embrace what makes us different – something so many at a young age struggle with. Today, more than ever, kids are bombarded with images and stories in the media that try to influence what it means to be popular or perfect instead of encouraging them to embrace exactly who they are. The stories told tonight and through all our shows at Tripp Lake are selected because they share a different story about the importance of family, individuality, and staying true to who you are!

It’s also been great to have our second show of the year in OTW! Even though we’re splitting campers up into smaller groups and doing two performances a day, we are still asking campers to wear masks inside the show for safety, and I’ve been so impressed with our girls’ commitment to wearing them. Our campers are just so happy to be back in this special space that a mask is the last thing on their mind! We ended the day with a surprise announcement that tomorrow is a Monday Funday – a morning full of activities all across camp from ultimate frisbee, dance parties, fun on the Thunderdome, golf cart camp tours, tennis, sidewalk chalk art, and more! The other surprise was that we have a late breakfast tomorrow, starting at 9 am – giving the girls a little extra downtime in the morning so that they’re well-rested for the jam-packed, fun day tomorrow!

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