July 19, 2021 – TLC Times

By July 19, 2021 TLC Times

With any late breakfast, campers are allowed to come to the dining hall in free dress – a favorite for our campers! Some campers arrive in their free dress, and some arrive in their uniform because it’s what they enjoy most – the idea being, come as you are, in whatever you feel most comfortable in. After breakfast, we went straight into our Monday Funday, an all-camp morning of fun events that campers can float around to however they choose. Today our list of activities included a dance party, slackline under the trees with our RRODL staff, ultimate frisbee, dance fitness with our fitness instructor, sidewalk chalk, tunes n’ tennis, open swim at the waterfront, time jumping off the Thunderdome, sliding down the giant slide, golf cart tours around camp, cornhole, and badminton!

Campers were quick to hop in line for golf cart tours, as they always love any chance to catch a ride around camp! Some other favorites of the day were tennis, open swim, and going down the giant slide, so you could see a handful of campers trickling down every so often with their towels in hand and smiles swept across their faces. When it came to the tennis courts, I was so impressed to see every single court full of campers practicing their swing, playing group tennis games, and running up and down each court to score against their opponent.

This evening, our JR I’s, JR II’s, AJ’s, and Subs had a glow stick dance party, which was such a hit! Every camper was given a glow stick bracelet or necklace as they walked in, and a few of our staff members were DJs for the night, bringing all the latest pop hits for the girls to dance to. Some spun each other around, made a train as a group, did the wave, and belted out all their favorite tunes. It was such a blast, and we can’t wait to have more of these throughout the rest of the summer! We have one for our older campers tomorrow night, and we can’t wait to see them break a move!

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