July 17, 2021 – TLC Times

By July 17, 2021 TLC Times

We woke up to a slight drizzle this morning, with pockets of sunshine, but nothing too much to keep us away from a day full of activities. Even though we’ve had quite the rainy start to our summer, I’m so happy that it’s been a light rain, so that we’ve been able to continue on with our normal activities, like swim! After breakfast this morning, all campers went straight down to the waterfront for our first swim meet of the summer!

Anyone at camp would tell you that swim meets at Tripp Lake are a big deal. It all starts with campers practicing during their swim periods throughout the week, trying to progress to the next cap, and continuing to challenge themselves each time they jump into the lake. Our big teams completed their time trials a few days ago, which led to campers qualifying to compete in their set heat for today’s meet. All campers lined the beach, ready to cheer and support their big team with enthusiasm! Each big team chooses a staff member to represent their team as their mascot, an honor they take on with excitement! Our campers pick out the team clothes for each mascot to wear, and let me tell you, our campers brought out the most spirited clothing for them to represent!

Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke – you name it, our campers did an amazing job swimming! It’s also incredible to see the growth we’ve seen in our swimmers in just a matter of weeks. We’re even seeing many of our campers are working towards earning their white cap, the highest honor our campers can accomplish in swim! Points from today’s swim meet will be tallied, and the ranking will be announced in the coming days. Regardless of points, I’m so impressed and proud of our girls! I can’t wait to dive into the rest of summer, and the remaining swim meets to come!

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