July 16, 2021 – TLC Times

By July 17, 2021 TLC Times

Every year I always think the day after Special Day will bring more of a melancholy mood from our campers. With so much fun, sugar and sun, it’s easy to think that campers will come to breakfast as a quieter bunch. Yet every year, our campers surprise me – they came to breakfast with a renewed sense of energy, ready to conquer the day! I’m quickly reminded how much these all-camp fun days rejuvenate our campers and get them more excited for the rest of the summer.

Today was another exciting day because it’s the first day we were back in Over The Wall (OTW), Tripp Lake’s theatre! This theatre is a place that our campers, alumna, and staff hold very dear and a place we’ve been yearning to get back into. However, we started the summer off by not going into our beloved theatre out of an abundance of caution for our camper’s safety. With our exciting news over the past few weeks that TLC is covid-free, we decided that we were in an excellent place to go back into OTW; however, we’re starting this transition to this space slowly by dividing it into two smaller shows in the afternoon and evening. This allows for us to get back into the theatre we all love and miss but still do this with safety top of mind.

Over the past few weeks, our campers have been working so hard and practicing for their night in the spotlight performing The Lightning Thief – The Percy Jackson Musical. As campers walked into the theatre, Seniors led us in singing camp songs before each show started. We had a matinee showing and evening show, and both were absolutely incredible! Every camper on stage took us through the quest of Percy Jackson’s life with confidence and a zest for the limelight. Campers were so happy and full of life, as they could spend time seeing their friends up on stage! We can’t wait for more shows over the next few weeks! Seeing our campers back in OTW was a feeling that’s hard to describe – the best way to put it is that it made camp feel whole again.

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