July 13, 2021 – TLC Times

By July 13, 2021 TLC Times

We were lucky to only have a small pocket of rain today, which allowed almost every department to carry on with their normal activities. Knowing it would be a light rain with no thunder or lightning, our Head of Waterfront said, “They’re about to jump in the water – what’s a little rain?” Truer words have never been spoken – so off to the waterfront they went! Our Seniors were thrilled when they arrived at the lake and found out they were doing a relay swim. Teams quickly formed where each had to race to Thunderdome, climb up, jump off, and swim back. The competitive spirit came alive the second their feet hit the water!

The day continued with a camper favorite, Sing Song Practice. The excitement these girls have when practicing with their Big Team is so much fun to watch, and they really are putting in so much hard work to make their performance in the coming weeks a great one! Afterward, campers went on to activities at archery, sail, waterski, golf, and our low ropes course. We also had our Big Team Games today, where our Tigers, Giants, Climbers, and Cubs competed against each other in different sports like lacrosse, basketball, softball, and soccer. Their commitment, teamwork, positivity, and sportsmanship were great to see as I made my way through camp today. 

After a day full of activities, our campers had Pizza Cookout for dinner! With a vast array of pizza options like pepperoni, cheese, veggie, dairy-free, gluten-free, and a balsamic glaze pizza – campers have endless options to choose from every night, and pizza night is no different! This evening campers were doing all different activities – our Subs went out on an Olympia boat ride, our Inter III’s watched a movie and had a campfire, and our AJ’s had reading time under the trees. It was a beautiful night and a fun day at camp!

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