July 14, 2021 – TLC Times

By July 14, 2021 TLC Times

As you can imagine, my favorite days of camp are when I am out and about, spending time with all your girls for the better part of the day. This morning I spent time playing Gaga with our Juniors. Yes, you heard that right – I was just one of the girls, out on the courts with everyone! In between breaks to catch my breath (these girls are quick!), I was able to chat with them about their favorite parts of camp so far and their favorite night of canteen. Of course, their answer was candy – no surprise there! However, one Junior, Coco, said that she also loves apple night and fruit snack night, followed with, “But don’t get me wrong, candy night is the best!”

When it came to their favorite parts of camp so far, many girls talked about swim and Gaga, but so many others said that their favorite parts had been their little team activities and time spent just playing around with their friends around campus. Even though this answer never surprises me, tonight it struck me differently. After so much time away from one another, I often find myself wanting to fill our moments, making up for lost time together. But when it all comes down to it, what we missed the most is our connection with one another. Today the Juniors reminded me that the simple moments of camp are what they love the most – the often easily put together, the quiet moments with friends, or the fun outdoor night games with camp.

Tonight we added a special evening event to the calendar that we’ve never done at Tripp Lake Camp – a Big Team Capture the Flag event! Our Little Teams dressed up in their team outfits, made signs, and brought their Crazy Creeks to the field to be the best cheerleaders around! They brought so much team spirit and even led a wave on the sidelines. The Big Teams came dressed in their best team clothes, ready to run and capture the flag for all of camp to see. The energy was high, the smiles were big, the outfits were fun, and the competitive spirit was alive. As I cheered with the Little Teams, I looked around and felt so proud of these girls. I’m in awe of all that they’ve overcome this past year, and I’m glad that they reminded me today that these simple moments outdoor together are the heart of this camp.

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