July 12, 2021 – TLC Times

By July 12, 2021 TLC Times

Today I spent time down by the waterfront and saw our girls practice their strokes, jump onto the waterski boat with the biggest smiles, and jump off the Thunderdome with their friends in hand. I always say that any day spent by the water at Tripp Lake Camp is a great one. When it comes to waterskiing, I’m continually impressed with our campers’ ability to overcome their nerves and listen to our amazing instructors coach them by saying things like, “You’ve got this! Just give it a try. I’ll help you every step of the way!” 9 out of 10 times, our campers end up listening, working up the courage to ski, and then walk off the boat to land with a renewed sense of confidence.

This is something I’ve been fortunate to see so many of our girls accomplish over the years – and it’s not just a milestone accomplished at the waterfront. Often times campers arrive at Tripp Lake and don’t foresee themselves ever getting on stage for a show, yet after sitting in the audience for the first few performances, they decide it is their time to shine. Tonight, we had one of my favorite events of the season – Senior All-Star Revue. This is a night that’s all about celebrating, reliving, and cherishing the moments our Seniors have had throughout their years at camp. Seniors came together and performed their way through a night of song and dance – it’s their very own talent show! During the second part of the show, the ladies of 1AB get on stage and perform different acts they’ve performed throughout their camper years, with their performances of their younger years playing in the background for the audience to see. Not only is this adorable to see, but it also quickly reminds me just how far these girls have come.

Our Seniors have not only grown up individually, but they’ve grown up together. The bond these campers share is unbreakable, and a friendship they guard fiercely. It’s a journey that only they have taken together, which is why this summer is so special for every camper, but especially our 1AB campers. I’m so proud of these ladies, and so happy we had the opportunity to take one more look at their journey as one entire camp!

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