July 11, 2021 – TLC Times

By July 11, 2021 TLC Times

It’s nearly impossible to get through a day at Tripp Lake Camp without the campers cheering about Special Day. Whenever a quick counselor-only meeting is called over the speaker at breakfast, the initial response from campers is something along the lines of, “Oooh, they’re talking about Special Day! I just know it!” Well, we’re excited to share that today was our Juniors (actual!) Special Day! In case you’re thinking, ‘isn’t every day special?‘ The answer is yes! We strive to make each day full of different activities that our campers love and then surprise them with new ones. But when it comes to a really special day, Special Day at Tripp really takes the cake.

After breakfast in the dining hall, campers went to morning assembly just like any other day. Our Juniors saw their typical day of events calendar and began thinking that they had Gaga to start the day. But then quickly our staff let out the big secret that this morning wouldn’t be like any other, because today was Junior SPECIAL DAY! The second the girls found out, they popped off the ground so quickly and ran around the campus area with the biggest smiles on their faces. Today’s theme was a Tripp Around The Pond, full of activities like fishing ‘in a pond’, frog toss, a very green frog arts and craft project, cupcake frosting (and eating!), bubbles, and more!

It’s so important that every year, but especially this year, we keep the spontaneity alive for our campers. Whether it’s a surprise ice cream truck like we did on welcome night, an unexpected pajama breakfast (PJB), surprise candy canteen, relay race day, extra session at swim, or an additional special day – we’re ready to keep the girls on their toes! A few of the Juniors pulled me aside today and asked me, “Leslie, does this mean that we get another Special Day on top of this?” Why yes, you do! We can’t wait to share more soon about our all-camp Special Day. We know our campers are going to have the best time!

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