December 2022 – TLC Times

By December 21, 2022 December 22nd, 2022 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Alumnae

Throughout its long history, Tripp Lake Camp has always cultivated one of the most important ingredients for a long and prosperous life: strong relationships! These relationships we help to develop continue far beyond the years spent at camp, extending the Tripp Lake network into a lifelong sisterhood that creates a sense of belonging for TLC alumnae.

Tripp Lake Sunrise

There are countless stories from our alumnae sharing how this TLC sisterhood has been a constant thread in their lives. They find new connections and genuine friendships in Tripp Lakers who have created an expansive and dynamic social network. Tripp Lake wants to expand the impact of this sisterhood in an area where women should always be empowered, the lifelong career journey.

We are excited to announce our newly launched Career Mentorship Program which every TLC alum is invited to join! Mentorship has vast benefits not only for mentees, but for the mentor as well. Mentors can help us stretch further than we thought possible and, in turn, mentees keep us curious, sharp and connected. Whether you are seeking mentorship in your career or interested in becoming a mentor to others in this sisterhood, you belong here.

We find ourselves in awe of our incredible alumnae. There is a wealth of knowledge, skills and experiences that our alumnae have to offer and they want to share it with our Tripp Lake community! As members of the TLC Alumnae site, you’ll have access to interviews that explore the career journeys of various alumnae in different sectors of the workforce. We hope these stories will inspire our TLC alums to always pursue their dreams

To join this remarkable network, alumnae (ages 18 and up) create a profile on the Alumnae Site. Feel free to share this announcement with anyone you know who was a Tripp Laker so she can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!