August 9 and August 10, 2022 – TLC Times

By August 10, 2022 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Banquet
On Tuesday the campers all gathered in Cliffhouse for a fun and engaging gymnastics show! During this event, campers across all age groups showed off the amazing gymnastics skills they’ve been working on this summer. We’ve had an incredible team of gymnastics coaches who have really helped these girls push themselves further and develop new talents across the floor, bars, balance beam and vault. It says a lot when the seniors constantly want to go there! We’re so proud of all of the campers for being vulnerable and displaying their talents for all of camp to enjoy.
Tripp Lake GymnasticsThe art shops have been a very busy spot this summer, but not just because of the air conditioning (although that’s definitely a plus). Each shop we offer provides campers with a multitude of creative outlets. All of the beautiful work our campers have created in the shops this summer was displayed for all of Camp to see and enjoy. The Tripp Lake art show displayed incredible work including realistic oil paintings. stunning silver jewelry, and beautifully crafted ceramics. We love that our girls are just as talented in the creative space as they are in the competitive one.
Tripp Lake Art showIn the afternoon we had the annual film festival where a number of campers showed the videos they’ve been filming and editing throughout the summer. There were a lot of laughs and many tears as three of our 1AB campers put together a beautiful tribute to their 1AB sisters. They were able to gather footage from previous summers and mix it with footage from this summer to create a masterpiece showing off how their experience at camp has shaped who they are. The growth has been incredible to watch and we really enjoyed seeing all of our beautiful Senior IIs on film throughout the years.
The evening was capped off with our seniors taking over night duty where they spread across different bunks to spend time with the campers and show off all the leadership skills they’ve gained during their as campers. Senior night duty led to senior takeover Wednesday morning. In this hilarious tradition, each 1AB girl chooses a member of staff to emulate and dress up as. The girls led assembly in character while displaying their best imitation skills for all of the campers and staff to watch. It was so much fun, and we have to say they nailed it. We also experienced a delicious outdoor pancake breakfast today which was a treat for everyone!
Tripp Lake SeniorsThe Inter Is planned a space themed banquet where they decorated the entire dining hall and made a photo booth for all the bunks to enjoy. The campers and staff feasted on a Thanksgiving style meal, complete with a post-dinner ice-cream sundae bar! After banquet, we all gathered again in OTW for Memory night. This is the final night our girls will sing in OTW which stirs up a great deal of emotions, especially for our SR IIs. After our staff read through a play-like run through of the entire summer, we watched a video made by our media team which beautifully captured all of the best moments of 2022. 1AB then took to campus for Senior Serenade. During this beautiful tradition, 1AB chose 30 songs from our TLC song book and traveled from bunk to bunk serenading all the campers who were cuddled up outside on the steps. We then presented the girls with their Tripp Lake teddy bears, which are larger versions of the ones they received as JRs. It’s once again, a full circle moment for these campers who we love so dearly.
Kind Regards,
Leslie and Katie