July 4, 2022 – TLC Times

By July 4, 2022 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Campers 4th

Tripp Lake Campers woke up inspired in red, white and blue this morning! The 4th of July is always a joyous occasion here at TLC and that was evident in every aspect of the day. Although we love the way our uniform camp creates an equal playing field for all campers and staff, it’s really fun to see everyone’s personalities shine through on this day. From tie dye to tutus, the spirit of America was alive in the Promised Land. 

Tripp Lake CookoutAfter all campers participated in their morning activities, our Inter I campers led a beautifully prepared midday ceremony to celebrate the significance of this day. All dressed up in their whites, each Inter I had a chance to step forth and present their part of the ceremony script. They were incredible! Although there was an emphasis on the history of our country and this day, our Inter Is also chose to speak on the future of the United States and the type of country they want to be a part of. As one camper stated so poignantly, “it is our responsibility to treat others as they deserve to be treated, with kindness and respect”. We are encouraged and inspired by this generation of young women, and know that our country has a strong future because of them. These wonderfully written speeches were intertwined with various songs, including the star spangled banner, and a precious flag raising by our two youngest campers. Everyone continued on from the gathering for a lunch cookout under the trees! 

Tripp Lake Beach funThe afternoon brought smiles under the sun as it was our first Big Team swim meet of the summer! This was our first chance to see our girls come together to compete in a supportive and encouraging environment. It didn’t matter what team you were on. Everyone was there to cheer each other on and celebrate the experience of swimming together in this beautiful lake. When not competing, the campers played various games on the beach and across camp. We were lucky to have the most perfect Maine weather which only heightened the fun of an already outstanding day.

Tripp Lake SwimWe ended the day with OC-NOC! OC-NOC “Old Counselors-New Old Counselors,” is our staff talent show. For this year’s OC-NOC, our counselors showed up ready to entertain. Just like our campers displayed the other night, the counselors presented a show full of beautiful singing, dancing and stand-up. It was a great way to close out an already amazing day. Tomorrow is another trip day for our campers and we’re excited to share about all the different places they’ll be exploring across Maine.

Kind Regards,

Leslie and Katie