July 3, 2022 – TLC Times

By July 3, 2022 TLC Times
TLC Aerial View

This Sunday was all about bunk bonding at Tripp Lake Camp! Bunk bonding is something that naturally happens within the environment here at Tripp, however in order to continue strengthening the bonds that have already been formed, our team dedicates time to planning and preparing specific bonding activities for the girls. Our campers were in for a treat tonight as we saw this bonding playing out across all areas of camp.

Tripp Lake ArcheryThe Inter III campers headed down to the range this evening for glow balloon archery! It looks about as cool as it sounds. The Inter Is and IIs cozied up around the campfire for some good old-fashioned s’more making. It may seem simple, but the act of gathering around a fire with the bright stars shining above you is one of the most magical experiences at camp. It’s an organic way to bring our girls together, and never feels forced. This is particularly important for the middle school ages. The Seniors laughed and ran around on the courts while playing night tennis. What fun!

Tripp Lake BunksIn other news, the first round of banner bunks were announced today. For those not familiar, the banner bunk represents the cleanest bunk in each age group at Tripp Lake! Yep, that’s right, we actually make sure these girls are cleaning each day. Just as we teach our campers to respect each other, it’s also crucial they understand the importance of respecting their spaces and the buildings at Tripp Lake Camp. Before the campers even arrive at Tripp Lake, our bunk counselors are trained in how to facilitate bunk expectations with their campers. #4 on our list is “Keep a Banner Bunk”, so that from day 1 our campers know this is something we expect them to be a part of. Our hope is that they take this experience back home with them and help out around the house! Please feel free to report back on whether or not this is working.

It was also the first day of Sing-Song practice for our Big Teams! Sing-Song is a very special and beautiful tradition here at Tripp Lake. At the end of the summer, each Big Team sings five songs with all campers across all age groups participating. Our campers take Sing-Song very seriously and it’s something they work incredibly hard on all summer long. Click here to view a clip of what this special event is all about. We’ll share more on Sing-Song as the summer unfolds!

Looking towards tomorrow, we’re excited to celebrate the 4th with all our spirited campers dressed in their red, white and blue. It will surely be a night to remember as our counselors will also be displaying their talents for the campers in our annual staff talent show: OC-NOC. We’ll see if the counselors can live up to the very high standard set by our girls during OG-NOG! 

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Leslie and Katie