July 2, 2022 – TLC Times

By July 3, 2022 TLC Times
OG-NOG Campers

Today marks one-week at Tripp Lake Camp with your beautiful daughters. One-week in camp time feels like one-month in the “real world”. We don’t exactly know why that is. Perhaps it’s because so much goes on during a single day at Tripp Lake, or maybe it’s because close friendships are able to form quicker within the immersive nature of the overnight camp experience. Whatever it is, we feel lucky to be a part of it all. We know that for many of our new families, this is the longest you’ve gone without seeing your child, and we want to recognize that and congratulate you for making it through this first week! We know it’s not easy, but we hope you’re comforted by the knowledge that your daughters are discovering themselves and what they are made of in a safe and supportive environment with counselors who are caring for their well-being at all times. Pat yourselves on the back for having the courage to let go and let your girls gain endless important life skills like independence, interpersonal communication and grit.

TLC 1ABAlthough it’s certainly been a lot of fun, those of us who’ve lived through a summer before might say this is where the fun really begins. The girls are settled into their daily routines which gives them the fortitude to spread their wings even further outside their comfort zones. From the Juniors to the Seniors, these campers are thriving at Tripp Lake and it’s a sight to behold. We saw that on full display tonight at OG-NOG. OG-NOG, “Old Girls-New Old Girls,” is our camper talent show. Even Though it’s only been a week, there are no longer any new campers here. As a new camper you become part of the Tripp Lake Family as soon as you arrive. 

Through events like this camper talent show, we’re able to see first hand how much these campers have grown in just one week. It takes a lot of courage to stand up in front of your peers, unsure of what the response will be. And yet, so many of our campers took the stage tonight to display their talents. From singing and dancing, to comedic acts, we bore witness to confidence building at its finest. You can be sure that each performer or groups of performers felt all the love and support from their sisters and counselors in the audience too. It was an evening of celebration and fun for all.

TLC Little timeToday was also the announcement of Little Teams for our JRs, AJs and SUBs! Just like the four Big Teams, we have four Little Teams at Tripp Lake: Cheeries (Light Pink), Jollies (Light Green), Laughers (Light Blue) and Smilies (Yellow). Having these little teams gives our younger campers a chance to experience the camaraderie and spirit of Tripp Lake before they progress to the Big Team competition stage. Just like their older counterparts, the Little Teams will participate in a number of different team events and games throughout the summer. Campers will gain experience in athletics, but more importantly they will create lasting friendships with other girls similar in age, outside of their bunk. It’s also a chance for our SUBs, the oldest of the Little Team age groups, to build their leadership skills as they take on the role of teaching younger campers all the various cheers they will learn to love during their time on teams. We can’t wait to see these girls take the field or the court to show us what type of Tripp Lake spirit they are made of!

King Regards,

Leslie and Katie