July 21, 2021 – TLC Times

By July 21, 2021 TLC Times

Events at Tripp Lake Camp are such a huge part of our camper’s experience – many of them are rich in tradition, and others are ever-evolving, often created by the great minds of our campers and staff. Every year, each age group performs a different popular musical for all of camp when it comes to traditional events. This year, our Inter III’s show was The Little Mermaid, a story of finding your place in the world and the determination to explore somewhere that feels more like home to you. Our campers filled the stage with colorful costumes, mermaid tails, flounder’s gills, confidence, smiles, and a strong connection between their entire cast. You could tell these campers were committed to delivering the best performance possible for camp right from the start!

It’s always fun to do shows that the majority of campers can sing along to – and The Little Mermaid was one of those! We sang as Ariel explored a whole new world and went under the sea – campers were mesmerized by Isabella’s incredible voice as she played the lead of Ariel. I had the opportunity to stop into their rehearsals over the last few weeks, and the progress these girls have made in a short time span is incredible! Tonight I saw every little bit of confidence that everyone in the audience could see!

During the last five minutes of our matinee show, it started to thunderstorm, so once the cast did their final bow, campers all stayed in OTW to practice for Sing Song and play charades on stage together! The storm passed quickly, which then carried us into the campers’ open period. After dinner, our Inter III, Inter II, Inter I, and Senior campers all had their turn to see the show in OTW. Having two shows is new for Tripp Lake, so we weren’t entirely sure how this would go for our campers and especially the cast. I’m pleased to say that it’s going incredibly well! Our Seniors and song leaders still come in for both shows to start things off by singing, which sets the tone for the performance. The cast has been great at adjusting to two call times, and if anything, they enjoy the fact that they have two opportunities to shine on stage! 

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