Tripp Lake Camp Week in Review – July 5, 2017

By July 6, 2017 TLC Times

Tripp Lake Camp Week in Review – July 5, 2017 – So many activities happened in the last few days! You can feel the energy!

Little Team Announcements

The excitement began for the little teams as the big team captains announced this year’s Laugher, Jollies, Cheeries, and Smilies in a fantastic fashion. Advisors distributed new little team shirts then cheers from the team trees echoed all over camp. Team practices will begin shortly and soon the little team will begin competition. We can’t wait for the action!

Picture Day

Say cheese! Smile for the camera! Bunk, team and age group photos held the attention of campers on Friday, June 30th. Each year one of the first team activities is Picture Day. Completion of pictures was hurried slightly by incoming weather but each camper smiled big for this big day. Bunk pictures and age group pictures will be given to each camper at the each of the camp seasons.

Sunday Funday

A new activity, Sunday Funday, started Sunday, July 2nd. All regular activities were put aside for a Sunday morning Paj

ama Breakfast followed by an open period with new and exciting activities. Counselors brainstormed new and engaging

events to be offered during Sunday Funday during their pre-camp training. This Sunday Pirate Sailing, Beach Time, Pool Party, Tie-dyed T-shirts, Slack Lining, Tennis with Tunes, Archery Balloon Shoot, OTW Costume Party and Banana Boat Rides offered campers a plethora of choices. Girls joined in activities with their bunk, their sisters, or any of their friends. Smiles were glued to the faces of both campers and counselors as this first Sunday Funday was a rousing success! Plans immediately started for the next Funday and there are many surprises in store!


There was something for everyone on the stage of OTW Sunday evening as OG-NOG was presented for the camp. Singing, dancing, gymnastics, ukulele tunes and jokes entertained campers and counselors alike. There were 42 acts in our 2017 version of OG-NOG. 1AB serenaded us. Juniors danced and sang. It was a great evening for everyone at Tripp Lake Camp!

4th July Celebration

The Inter I’s led a beautiful ceremony on campus celebrating Independence Day. On one of the most beautiful days of the summer so far campers and counselors joined at the flagpole to hear the Inter I’s speak about diversity, unity, and our proud country.


The counselors’ shined on the OTW stage as the counselor talent show was held on the evening of July 4th. OC-NOC is traditionally held on this date and all in camp look forward to this fun event. The 30 acts this year entertained us with singing, dancing, comedy, solos and duets, and acapella and instrumental acts.  The OTW magic shined on everyone again this summer as it was remarked again and again that this OC-NOC was one of the best in years!

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