Opportunities for Self-Expression and Growth

By July 10, 2017 TLC Times

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

-Muhammad Ali, American Boxer

Tripp Lake has always dedicated itself to providing campers opportunities to take creative risks while growing from their trials and accomplishments. We also know a safe environment is essential to allow for this to happen. This couldn’t be more apparent than in our very own Performing Arts program.

Last night’s Senior All-Star Revue took center stage to kick off TLC’s theater season in OTW. Performing Arts is a tradition tied to our camp as old as time itself. What can sometimes be overlooked during a final performance is the camper’s collective risk-taking, love, and dedicated effort which goes into each age group performance. This was not the case as the Seniors dug deep and showcased a wonderful montage of bunk songs, solos, complete with accompanying pianos, ukuleles, and guitars. The passage of time was a theme that guided not only their song choices but gave relevance during brief moments when select Seniors read aloud past entries from their personal camp journals from way back when.  1AB also sang a montage of show tunes from previous performances reaching as far back as their Junior year! At first blush, the Seniors seemed to be swimming in memories of the past, but it became apparent to the audience that this All-Star Revue was intended as a meaningful reflection on their friendships and experiences at Tripp, which helped shape them into the empowered young women they are today. It was a gorgeous celebration of their many years here at Tripp, which culminated in their final and emotional performance of “I Lived” by OneRepublic.

We invite you to view the wonderful clip below:


Speaking of performances, this year, TLC has provided campers the chance to work alongside Quest Intensive, one of the most prestigious in-studio dance experiences. Quest Intensive look to bring “a more nurturing and loving culture to a very intimidating industry.” This year, our girls have been fortunate enough to work with three professional dancers, Chi Chi Smith, Michael Cusumano, and Lauren Gibbs. Collectively, they bring their respective experiences from music videos, musical theater, and The world-renowned Rockettes.  Our girls participating in this will be showcasing their intensive hard work tomorrow during a performance at rest hour. We at TLC can’t be more excited to see their creativity and hard work! Expect a small montage from their performance tomorrow!

Oh, and P.S.: WE GOT AN AWESOME WATERSLIDE TODAY!!! Our Admin christened it in front of all of camp! Commence your FOMO now!