We are preparing for your Visiting Day weekend!

By July 20, 2017 TLC Times

“Some people don’t believe in heroes, but they just haven’t met my family.”


greetings from TLC

We are very excited to see you this weekend for Visiting Day in the Promised Land.   I would like to share with you what we are planning for the day as well as give you a few suggestions on how to make this an enjoyable day for your entire family.  It appears that the weather is forecasting high temperatures (87-90O) and high humidity so please dress accordingly.  In addition, feel free to bring your bathing suits so you may join your daughter in the lake at the conclusion of her swim class.  We also invite you to try out our new water slide as well. It is so much fun.  I know…I was one of the first to enjoy this new activity as you might have seen on Instagram and other social media sites.

Once you pass through our gate in the morning you will be guided to the parking area.  Then make your way to the head of campus to watch our morning assembly, which begins at 9:10AM.  If you arrive early, help yourself to fresh-brewed coffee and pastries in the Lodge and relax under the trees in front of the Spahn House.  Once assembly is over and you greet your daughter(s), she will bring you to her bunk to meet her counselor(s).  We invite you to spend the first period of the day meeting our staff and your daughter’s fellow bunkmates and their families.   At 10:30 our daily schedule will begin.  Our girls can’t wait to show you all they have been doing this summer.   In order to show you a typical Tripp Lake day it is essential for all girls to attend their activities, especially our exciting and colorful Team Games.    Don’t forget to wear your team colors too!  Try your best to follow the entire schedule to keep your daughter(s) in her routine.

Enjoy the morning activities but of course…don’t forget about 11:20 cookie line! No need to rush, our baker has been rather busy making tons and tons of our famous cookies for everyone.

Lunch will be served from the dining hall at 1:00PM.  You may choose to eat indoors or outside.  Enjoy the many new Adirondacks chair peppered throughout camp.  Rest hour will allow you to spend time in the bunks, play tennis or gaga, or just relax under the trees.  Ask your daughter to meet her friends, have her introduce you to her advisor or just catch up on the many adventures she has already had this summer. The Art Shops will be open all afternoon so you can view your daughter’s creative accomplishments.

As usual we will have a fleet of golf carts to help escort guests who need physical assistance around campus.  Please do not ask for these carts to bring your belongings to and from the parking lot.   Your daughter(s) are also aware that carts must only be used for guests who require them so remind your children they will not be permitted on the carts.

Remember, we are a nut-free community, and go to great lengths to keep our campers and staff safe throughout the summer.  Please pay careful attention to the foods you bring into camp in order to help us maintain a safe community for all.

I would like to give you several suggestions of appropriate items to bring as treats for the girls.  Rather than bring enormous amounts of sweets and candies that will collectively become far too much for a bunk of girls to consume, I highly recommend bringing craft projects, puzzles or games that your daughter may share with her bunkmates.  These can be used during our Sunday bunk bonding nights or during rest hour. This is a great way for the girls strengthen friendships and continue to work together.   When too much candy and sweets are brought to camp on Visiting Day we run the risk of children becoming sick from overeating, girls skipping the necessary nutritional meals provided by our kitchen staff, as well as critters looking for food.  In order to alleviate this situation we will ask the girls to donate their unwrapped food to our annual collection for the local food bank, which teaches them a valuable lesson about charity.  Unfortunately, some girls may have a difficult time giving up their food, which can be trying on the bunk communities.  Think carefully about what you bring.  I know that missing your daughter may urge you to want to buy things that will make her happy.   How about some team accessories instead?  I can guarantee any team related items will be met with excitement.  Remember, the little team colors are:

 CHEERIES – pink

 LAUGHERS – light blue 

SMILIES – yellow

JOLLIES – green.

And of course, the big teams are:

RAH-RAH Climbers! (blue & red)

HOO-RAH, HOO-RAH, HOO-RAH Cubs (red & white)

 SISS BOOM BAH – Giants RAH! (blue & white)

BUM BUDDY-BUM! BUM! Tigers! (black & orange).


Our Visiting Day will end at 5:00PM. Please join us under the trees to say your farewell.  Your daughter’s camp sister, counselor(s), advisor and all of the administration will be waiting there to help ease her back to her bunk to prepare for our thrilling evening activities.  On Friday night the girls will be participating in their annual Hunt the Counselor event and Saturday will showcase the new Tripp Lake Auction Night.  Rest assured, we will all be there to sweep the girls into the excitement of camp and the warmth and love we share in the Promised Land.  Enjoy your day!

the promised land cover photo