June 25, 2017- TLC Times

By June 25, 2017 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Camp, Poland Maine

Tripp Lake Camp was abuzz with activity on Sunday. Campers participated in sports, theatre, arts, and water sports.

Tripp Lake Camp, Poland MaineNo two days are alike at Tripp Lake Camp. TLC has so many special events and scheduled activities that every summer day is new and exciting! The Tripp Lake Camp schedule has six activity periods; three in the morning, two in the afternoon, and one in the evening. Each age group has a different plan and a new schedule is written each day. Even the youngest campers learn quickly how to plan and organize their days.

Sunday was also a day to elect new captains. Each year four girls from our oldest age group, the Senior IIs or commonly known as 1AB, are chosen to lead the four big teams. This year’s 1AB had so many great girls to choose from that the voting was very close. During the downtime waiting for the results, campers learned camp songs from TLC alums. Everyone in OTW was on the edge of their seats as the four new captains were announced. Congratulations to Sammy J., Sylvie L., Alex R., and Sophie S.! Tuesday the captains will announce their teams at breakfast in the dining hall and spend the day bonding with their Senior II managers and Senior I teammates on the ropes course.

Day’s Schedule: TLC Schedule (PDF)