June 23, 2017- Arrival Day at Tripp Lake Camp

By June 24, 2017 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Camp for Girls in Maine

Tripp Lake Camp for Girls in Maine

An exciting summer began at Tripp Lake Camp Friday morning with the growing sense of anticipation and Tripp Lake Camp spirit in the air! Administrators and counselors impatiently awaited camper arrival. A slow trickle of campers early in the day turned into a tidal wave of bodies and enthusiasm and by 4 PM– the family was back together! Whether they arrived by car, van, or bus, campers were greeted with smiling faces and hugs. For those new to Tripp Lake Camp, bunks were found and new friends made; for returning campers, each felt like they were home again.

The deafening roar of excited girls could be heard for miles as the Tripp Lake Camp counselors and campers joined all together for the first time in the dining hall and reveled in the traditional meal of chicken tenders, french fries, and s’mores bar for dinner.

Later, Friday Evening Services were held on the hill overlooking the lake and the counselors were introduced at the Opening Night Assembly in OTW.

The Tripp Lake Camp bubble has become official for Summer 2017. The things that are important now are sunshine, chimes, friends, and fun!

Tripp Lake Camp for Girls in MaineChanges, both small and large, are on the way this summer at Tripp Lake Camp. Campers were greeted with a remodeled and updated Health Center ready to keep TLC campers healthy and happy while other changes will reveal themselves as summer marches on.

Our blog will feature news from the day, thoughts from TLC alums working as counselors with other commentary from administrators, staff and campers. Stay tuned for updates on activities at TLC this summer; some traditional and others brand new. This summer will be one for the record books!